10 fun challenges to help improve your travel photography – USA Today 10Best

10 fun challenges to help improve your travel photography – USA Today 10Best

Travel photography enthralls both amateur and professional photographers. What’s not to love about capturing special moments on your adventures? Whether you want to take some pictures that will remind you of blissful vacation memories or take professional-quality photographs that can get you started as a photojournalist, it’s important to work on your skills and challenge yourself to learn new things.

Consider these photo challenges that may inspire you to get out there with your camera and try something different. Here’s a secret. The point of a challenge isn’t all about taking a beautiful photo that represents the challenge. It’s more about learning more about your camera, developing a new skill and discovering more about your own interests in photography.

Don’t stop here, either. Once you make it through this list, you may want to create your own list of fun photo challenges that will help continue to help you hone your skills as a photographer.

Photograph a reflection

Alaska has so much natural beauty — Photo courtesy of Robin Raven

Take a photograph of a reflection that you think is pretty or interesting. This can be as simple or complex as you’d like. For example, you may want to go to a local body of water and capture a reflection in it. Alternately, you can simply take a photograph of something being reflected in a mirror in your house.

As part of this challenge, concentrate on an aspect of taking this photograph that will make it more fun for you. Consider how you can best capture symmetrical reflections. Focus on telling a story or simply creating contrasts. It’s up to you.

Find a rainbow

A rainbow in Hawaii catches travelers’ attention — Photo courtesy of Robin Raven

Take a photograph of a rainbow. You don’t have to wait around and try to find one after a local thunderstorm. You may instead take a photo of a rainbow image in your home or community. Alternately, look for prisms or glass objects that might filter light in a way that creates a rainbow of color.

The point of this challenge is simple. Try to find the best way to represent the rainbow. Pay attention to how you capture color and how you experience different colors through your lens.

Focus on something interesting to you

A darkly comedic sign on a cemetery bench — Photo courtesy of Robin Raven

What you focus on in a photograph will determine the story that it tells. For example, in this picture that was taken in a cemetery, the focus is on the quirky, darkly humorous bench that displays a message for drivers passing by. However, if the focus of the image was on something else, the writing on the bench might be obscured, and the photo would tell an entirely different story.

Try to take a photograph that tells a unique story based on the precise thing that you choose to focus on. This is an everyday challenge that you will have if you aim to be a professional travel photographer. You’ll …….

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