11 Key Skincare Rules Dermatologists Really Want You To Live By – British Vogue

11 Key Skincare Rules Dermatologists Really Want You To Live By – British Vogue

The world of skincare can feel overwhelming at times. If you’re still grappling with how to get your skincare routine right, take some advice from some of the best names in the industry. Here we share their all-time top skincare rules.

Be consistent

“Don’t swap and change products repeatedly. It is a myth that skin stops responding to a specific active ingredient,” says Malvina Cunningham, consultant dermatologist at Skin + Me.” Consistency is key so try and maintain a regular morning and evening routine to get the best benefits out of your skincare.”

Get to grips with cleansing

“Find the right cleanser,” says Dr Justine Hextall, consultant dermatologist. “No moisturiser is going to compensate for an over-stripped skin barrier. If your skin feels tight after cleansing, you need to find a gentler – preferably hydrating – product that leaves the skin feeling soft and hydrated and not crying out for moisturiser. I love the Toleriane Dermo Cleanser by La Roche-Posay and CeraVe’s Hydrating Cleanser.”

Target winter skincare concerns properly

“Flaky skin does not need exfoliation, it needs moisture!” says Dr Cristina Psomadakis, dermatologist. “I often see people over-exfoliating their face and body when they are flaky, thinking this is the best strategy to get rid of dead skin cells. In truth, skin needs adequate hydration levels in order for our normal shedding processes to work properly. Exfoliating for the wrong reasons can lead to skin sensitivity, a sign of a weakened skin barrier. For dry winter skin consider a rich formula like the Cetaphil Rich Night Cream for overnight repair and rehydration.”

Go cautiously

“Go easy on retinol and retinoids when first starting out,” cautions Dr Alexis Granite, consultant dermatologist at Skinesis Medical. “Apply just a pea-sized amount to the face and follow with a hydrating serum or moisturiser. Try starting on alternate nights only and increase as tolerated.”

Don’t overlook essential oils

“I generally advise that if you have eczema-prone skin or skin prone to allergies, you may want to give essential oil products a miss or patch test them first, but for the vast majority of people these products are wonderful to use and add a nourishing, sensorial element to your skincare routine,” says dermatologist Dr Thivi Maruthappu. “There has been an extraordinary amount of research put into developing these products so that they incorporate the potent benefits of specifically formulated natural-origin oils, whilst delivering results. They have also been tested rigorously to minimise the possibility of irritation.”

Safeguard sensitive skin

“If skin is super sensitive and irritated, shower water and shampoo can cause redness and irritation. In this case I always recommend applying a moisturiser [first] to the delicate skin of the face such as around eyes, neck to protect against shower gel and shampoo that is not designed for facial skin,” advises Dr Hextall. “Then after the shower use a gentle, hydrating cream cleanser to remove any residual soap or surfactant which left on skin will dry it out. If you are a swimmer, get that swimming pool water off your skin (and definitely your face) as soon as possible to stop the inevitable disruption of the delicate slightly acidic skin barrier.”


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