13 New Hair-Care Products to Try in December 2021 — Reviews, Shop – Allure

13 New Hair-Care Products to Try in December 2021 — Reviews, Shop – Allure

December is a month full of hair potential: You may be planning a dazzling holiday look, or perhaps you’re going into hair hibernation before welcoming the new year with a moody new color. But either way, you probably want to check your routine. Is your hair ready for all that’s to come in 2022? Is your accessories wardrobe stocked and stacked? Not to worry — with a busy beauty calendar on the horizon, we’re here to help you get a jump on all of the best new hair products launching in December. 

There are lots of exciting products dropping this month, and it’s an especially good time for anyone who loves to add a little something to their hair, whether that’s a sparkling headband, natural-looking extensions, or a simple but eco-conscious hair tie. And some of your favorite brands, like Head & Shoulders and Philip B., are bringing serious scalp care to the shelves so your hair get can its freshest start possible in 2022. 

So keep scrolling to see the rest of the best new hair-care products to snap up in December.

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