20 Must-Subscribe UX & Product Newsletters For 2022 – Built In

20 Must-Subscribe UX & Product Newsletters For 2022 – Built In

The newsletter boom hasn’t been the transformational media watershed some envisioned, but it has encouraged some new voices to share their expertise and analysis. That’s certainly true among UX and product management newsletters, where some exciting new arrivals have joined time-tested favorites to help make the landscape even more robust.

10 UX and Product Management Newsletters to Read

  1. UX Design Weekly
  2. The UX Notebook
  3. Accessibility Weekly
  4. User Weekly
  5. Finding Out
  6. The DESK Magazine
  7. Dense Discovery
  8. Prioritised
  9. Bring the Donuts
  10. Lenny’s Newsletter

Given that fact, it seemed like a good time to take stock of the scene. Below you’ll find a sample of some notable newsletter offerings. Some send out curated link roundups, others deliver discursive essays, others split the difference and combine the two approaches. Whether you’re a product manager, UX designer or just a fan of digital design, you should find something worth a sign-up.


General UX

UX Design Weekly

Kenny Chen, a senior interaction designer at Google, has been delivering this popular, hand-picked collection of links since 2014. Each Monday, readers get a no-frills roundup of five recent UX articles, three or so tools and resources links, one portfolio spotlight, a historical quote and a “last but not least” — a potpourri-style catchall that might be a case study, a bonus blog or whatever catches Chen’s fancy that week.

Audience: UX designers looking for a quick-scan collection of notable happenings and writing.

Frequency: Weekly.

Sample: Issue 365


The UX Notebook

As an instructor and career coach, Sarah Doody prefigured much of the UX bootcamp boom, and as the force behind the long-running UX Notebook, she foreshadowed the newsletter craze by several years, too. The UX Notebook features thoughtful updates and musings about the industry followed by a curated sample of recent UX-related content — usually four articles and one podcast episode.

Audience: Design and product professionals, and those looking to become one.

Frequency: Every other week.

Sample: UX Notebook #334


The UX Collective Newsletter

A weekly digest of highlights from the long-running site, which features advice and trend analysis written by UX and product practitioners from around the globe. Each issue features one lead feature, a trio of editor’s picks, a small collection of articles from around the web and a spotlight of tools-and-resources posts.

Audience: UX and product professionals, both new and veteran.

Frequency: Weekly.

Sample: The State of UX in 2022


Accessibility Weekly

David A. Kennedy, a senior UX designer at digital services company Ad Hoc, has been highlighting accessibility articles and how-to’s in Accessibility Weekly …….

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