22 healthy habits you can easily adopt in 2022 – Daily Mail

22 healthy habits you can easily adopt in 2022 – Daily Mail

If you’re looking for a small change that’s easy to incorporate into your day-to-day life, we have just what you need.

From improving your sleep routine or gardening skills to learning new languages without even trying, here are the best habits to bring in to 2022.

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1. Get on a better sleep schedule

Let 2022 be the year that you finally take control over your sleep schedule. Getting proper sleep affects so many areas of your life, including your appetite, mood, hormones and general wellbeing. Plus, once you start prioritising sleep, there’s less chance of you being irritable, stressed or inclined to snack.

The benefits: Improved mood, less tired, more control over appetite

Ready to master your sleep schedule? We recommend:

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2. Make cooking easier with one-pan recipes

Cooking can feel like such a chore, especially when you factor in the clean-up at the end. But with one-pan recipes, you’re looking at far fewer dirty dishes after making your meal. One-pan meals also tend to be easier for novice chefs, as you can be a little more intuitive with your ingredient selection and measuring.

The benefits: Saves time, less washing-up, healthy eating

Want to cook smarter? We recommend:

3. Get motivated to stay hydrated

Like sleeping schedules, hydration is also a major key that can unlock a host of benefits in your day-to-day life. Think clearer skin, fewer headaches and less lethargy. While it can be tempting to write off your daily water intake with every other liquid you drink in a day, there’s nothing like pure H2O to keep you hydrated and healthy.

The benefits: Clearer skin, better metabolism, more energy

To help you hydrate, we recommend:

4. Practise gratitude

Counting your blessings is one of the simplest — yet most effective — things you can do to improve your mood and wellbeing. Reminding yourself how much you have to be grateful for can completely reframe your outlook. It can help you feel more motivated, encouraged and inspired. While it’s easy (and free) to practise …….

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