4 smart ways to overcome obstacles during self-study – India Today

4 smart ways to overcome obstacles during self-study – India Today

Studying independently in the comfort of one’s home has seemingly become the new normal. With the rapid strides made in the e-learning space, the academic needs of students are being fulfilled while staying at home.

Self-study may come with its own share of hurdles, clearing of doubts, being a common but significant challenge faced by students across age groups.

Here are 4 ways listed by experts in which students can overcome the major obstacles that they face during self-study.

1. Identify and overcome distractions

While studying at home, students might come across several distractions that could interfere with their study cycle.

These distractions could be the constant use of devices like mobile phones or laptops where simply scrolling through social media can consume a significant amount of study time.

Moreover, students might get distracted due to the presence of a family member in their study space.


While studying, make sure that you do not have your phone in your vicinity unless you need it for study purposes.

Have an allocated time for social media usage. This will ensure that you have that social time later in the day.

Carve out a small space in your house specifically for studies. Make sure that no one accesses this space when you’re studying unless very urgent.

Limit your interaction with the outside world while studying. Minimize props or objects near the study table as this could also act as a source of distraction.

2. Tackle demotivation

Many students in the e-learning space might experience a drop in motivation levels during long periods of self-study.

They might fall behind and nurture the idea of giving up due to the absence of motivation. This could be due to varied reasons such as lack of interaction with peers and so on.


Self-motivation while studying from home is an essential prerequisite. Avoid comparing yourself to others. You would simply feel overwhelmed. Instead, compete with yourself.

Chart out a goal and track your individual progress in achieving it.

It is also important for students to surround themselves with the right people who trust in their efforts.

Moreover, you should stress upon delayed gratification. This simply refers to the resistance to any temptation of short-term pleasures in exchange for a long-term benefit.

3. Master the art of concentration

Despite having eliminated other distractions, students could still struggle with issues related to concentration.

It is very common to lose focus and experience a massive drop in your productivity.

This could be due to constant thoughts in mind, or the enormous amount of tasks at hand.


Fatigue could slow down your reflexes and affect your ability to study. It is important to have a proper sleep cycle of 6 to 8 hours a day.

Research also suggests that regular exercise helps improve concentration and attention within 4 weeks.

Meditating daily would also help in improving brain function which in turn will reduce stress, increase focus and learning concentration.


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