5 Bad Habits I Had as a Photographer (and How I Overcame Them) – PetaPixel

5 Bad Habits I Had as a Photographer (and How I Overcame Them) – PetaPixel

As photographers, we tend to get used to doing things one way or another. Over time, these turn into habits that we rarely question. But sometimes it’s good to take a step back and evaluate our approach to the art. Here are some bad habits that I personally developed as a photographer and how I worked to resolve them.

At one point or another, we all become guilty of some of these habits. As upsetting as that is, the good news is that you can overcome all of these nasty habits. Without further ado, here are 5 of the bad habits I had as a photographer.

#1. Obsessing Over Gear

The first one is perhaps the most frequently discussed one too. Obsessing over gear never got anyone beyond wasting time reading reviews and watching hours of YouTube. Did I do that? Oh yes, you bet.

Having just started photography, I could work in a camera shop because I was up to speed on all rumors, gear specs, and reviews. I’ve spent hours reading about lenses I’d never buy (and still haven’t) and camera bodies I would never own (and still don’t). The reason I say I still don’t is that I didn’t need that gear in the first place.

What I missed out on was reading opinion articles, articles that dive into the art of photography, not the tools of photography. These provided insight into how other photographers think, how they approach creating images, how they approach getting better in photography.

Ultimately, it is not about the camera, it is about the image itself. I’ve taken great images on an iPhone and rubbish ones on a Canon 5Ds. Very few can tell that some of the images on my Instagram are taken with an iPhone.

Gear obsession was a habit that faded away as I spent more time doing photography. However, if I was to consciously combat it, I’d restrict access to sources that feed the obsession. Instead, I’d spend time reading PetaPixel’s Great Reads in Photography or The British Journal of Photography. Both are fantastic places to find inspiration and see some really good images.

#2. Being Jealous

Being jealous of others’ success is perhaps the nastiest habit that I’ll admit here. As much as we all deny ever being jealous of other people, we inevitably are. Jealousy comes from a plethora of sources, with most people confirming that it has something to do with their own insecurity. But is jealousy a bad feeling? Well, it is, but you can turn bad jealousy into a good friendly race.

When you’re jealous that someone else got the job while you didn’t, or perhaps that someone else takes “worse pictures” and makes more money, consider thinking about what they have and you don’t. If you enter this good race of constantly growing from every job you don’t get, you will inevitably become less jealous of people’s success and become curious about achieving that same success.

Curiosity is one of the key components of creativity, hence you are bound to improve …….

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