5 Tips To Choose Blinds For Every Room – RealtyBizNews

5 Tips To Choose Blinds For Every Room – RealtyBizNews

Installing beautifully designed and functional blinds can transform the interior of your home. Blinds are a highly durable window treatment option consisting of slats or vanes tied together, and able to be raised or lowered for optimum light control and privacy. If you’re looking to upgrade your sheer or heavy curtains, consider using blinds to update your home.  

So, how do you choose the best blinds for every room? Read below for some helpful blind selection tips:

  1. Determine Your Needs 

Not all blinds are the same; blinds can come in different styles, colors, patterns, and designs. You can choose the best blinds for your room by determining the things you need in a window treatment. Do you need to see the view of the outdoors in the early morning? Do you enjoy sleeping late and need to block the natural light from entering your bedroom? 

Also consider the safety features of blinds, especially if you have children and pets around. Choose cordless blinds with an electronic mechanism for automatic and remote raising and lowering to prevent anyone getting tangled in the cords.

Here are some blind suggestions for each room of your house:

  • Living Room Blinds: It’s crucial to determine your light control and privacy needs when choosing the right blinds for your living room. You might want to allow natural light to enter in the morning, and block light from entering in the afternoon, so roller blackout blinds are a perfect choice.  
  • Bedroom Blinds: Venetian blinds from https://www.abcblinds.com.au, made of aluminum, provide utmost privacy and block light from entering your bedroom. They’re also no fuss and easy to clean, and can be raised to let natural light stream into your sanctuary if you choose. 
  • Bathroom Blinds: Your bathroom blinds should promote privacy, be water-resistant, moisture resistant, easy to clean, and stylish at the same time. Consider vinyl blinds for a sleek look. 
  • Kitchen Blinds: For a kitchen window near your sink or cooking area, look for blinds resistant to grease and water splatter. Although wooden blinds can look lovely, they do tend to take on moisture, so look for aluminum blinds, or fabric blinds which can be rolled up to avoid splashes.
  1. Consider Your Window Shape And Size  

One of the important things to consider when choosing the right blind for your windows, is the size of the window they’re covering. Measure your windows carefully, and ensure that your chosen blinds will complement the shape of your windows and avoid looking oddly installed.  

Here are some helpful tips so you can pick the best blinds for every window’s shape and size: 

  • Small Windows: Roman blinds are more suitable for small windows because they look clean and neat. Roman blinds tend to look loose and clumsy over time in large windows, so they’re a good option for compact spaces. 
  • Wide Windows: For sliding doors and wide windows, vertical blinds are your best choice, as they allow you to pull them aside and enjoy an unobstructed view …….

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