7 of the best dog books to help you understand your furry friend – BBC Science Focus Magazine

7 of the best dog books to help you understand your furry friend – BBC Science Focus Magazine

The bond between humans and dogs is one that has been built over more than 10,000 years of domestication. Dogs may even have an innate ability to understand us, and we can thank our companions for extending our lives and even sniffing out COVID-19.

But dogs are more than just their relationship to us. As a species, they’re equipped with evolutionary adaptations including a nose that acts as an ultra-sensitive heat detector and ears that can hear much higher frequencies than humans in order to better locate where a sound is coming from.

The science of puppies really is a fascinating subject, and whether you’re a new dog parent (thank you, Father Christmas) or a regular rescuer, you’re sure to enjoy our pick of the best dog books.

7 of the best dog books

What Dogs Want: An Illustrated Guide for Happy Dog Care and Training

In What Dogs Want, dog behaviourist Mat Ward debunks the many myths that abound dog training and care. Ward’s book is perfect for a new pet parent, answering those questions that you might be afraid to ask a seasoned dog owner for fear of seeming completely naive. (What food is best? How do I stop my dog from pulling on the lead? Can I handle a puppy and work from home?)

Combining the latest science and research with practical activities to help you train your dog, What Dogs Want promises a happy pup and a confident owner – and some great illustrations by Rupert Fawcett, too.

Dog is Love: The Science of Why and How Your Dog Loves You

Dogs are undeniably intelligent – one recent study taught a dog unique names for over 130 toys! – and this makes them great assistance and support animals. But canine behavioural psychologist Dr Clive Wynne argues it’s their ability to love that makes them such a special species.

This ability was present in their ancestors, wolves, enabling us to form relationships with them, and new understanding of dogs’ evolution can also shed light on early human cultures.

Wynne also reveals the new technology that is showing us just how big a dog’s capacity for love is: one particularly study reveals that they respond to changes in their owner’s heart rates, because their own is beating in synchrony.

The Animals Among Us: The New Science of Anthrozoology

Dr John Bradshaw has written a number of great books about dogs, but his dive into anthrozoology stands out on this list as something rather special. Less about training or caring for dogs, The Animals Among Us instead asks: why do we keep pets? And why are only a handful of animals considered worthy of keeping in our homes, while others are deigned as pests or only food sources?

Despite their impracticality, Bradshaw argues that seeking a relationship with other animals is part of what makes us human. To ignore our long history with them would be to our detriment.

Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know

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