9 Books That Make Perfect Gifts For Wine Lovers – TravelAwaits

9 Books That Make Perfect Gifts For Wine Lovers – TravelAwaits

Anyone can bring a bottle of wine to a party, but if you want to offer someone a truly memorable gift, include a wine book along with the vintage of your choice. Given that there are probably as many books about wine as there are about travel, the possibilities seem endless. As such, I’m focusing on books that I have enjoyed myself and that come highly recommended by sources I trust. I tried to come up with a little something for everyone, from the novice sipper to the niche drinker. Cheers to easy gift giving!

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Wine Simple, Aldo Sohm With Christine Muhlke

If your last name is Sohm, it seems like fate that you would grow up to become a sommelier. Sohm seems born for the role, not just because of his superb wine knowledge but also for the down-to-earth, friendly way that he shares the fundamentals of choosing and drinking wine. I love how Sohm’s 2019 book talks about wine for real people with real budgets and gives low and high-priced options (because, let’s face it, there are some parties that are worthy of an especially splurgy bottle. Others, not so much!) 

This is the beginner wine book I recommend more than any other — perfect for anyone who enjoys wine and wants to learn more. Easy to read, easy to understand, and comprehensive without being overwhelming.

Wine For Normal People, Elizabeth Schneider 

Billed as a book for people who like wine but not the snobbery that goes with it, I think that Schneider’s 2019 book is an excellent alternative to Sohm’s. They cover much of the same material but each has its own flow, arrangement, voice, and style. If I had to, I’d peg Schneider’s material as being slightly more advanced than Sohm’s but only by a little bit. Both are superb for beginners, but Wine For Normal People might find its mark more with folks who have done a few wine tasting experiences or who are a little less Euro-centric in their interests. I especially like how Schneider talks about scents and smells. There’s nothing wrong with you if you can’t pick up the so-called signature hints of cherry or apple in a wine. Your nose is just fine! In fact, the more you know about it, the better you’ll be at assessing wines. I love this approach.

Wine Folly, Madeline Puckette And Justin Hammack

From the team behind the wildly popular WineFolly.com, this 2015 book is another excellent choice for beginners but tips more heavily into the experience of tasting many, many different varieties of wine. More than four dozen different grapes and appellations are profiled with easy-to-understand graphics, highlighting the flavor notes, growing areas, regional differences, and even pricing guidelines. I think it’s perfect for any wine drinker who is just as curious about, say, Touriga Nacional or Carignan as they are Malbec or Riesling. As many wine books tip very heavily in favor of covering France and Italy, the large number of grapes represented in this book makes it a bit more balanced read.

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