A Pozole Kit for the Holidays – The New York Times

A Pozole Kit for the Holidays – The New York Times

Pozole — the Mexican stew of meaty hominy, enriched with pork or chicken and fortified with chiles, other vegetables and a rich mingle of seasonings — highlights the Christmas and New Year’s tables in Mexico and the American Southwest. Masienda, the Los Angeles company that sells high-quality ingredients, cooking utensils and condiments, has assembled a pozole kit for those 2022 celebrations. (Pay for expedited shipping and they’ll try to get it to you in time for Christmas.) It contains a pound of heirloom white cacahuazintle corn, just enough calcium hydroxide to nixtamalize it at home, Rancho Gordo oregano indio and ground Pasilla Mixe chile from Oaxaca. A recipe is included.

Pozole Kit, $30 plus shipping, masienda.com.

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Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/12/20/dining/masienda-pozole-kit.html

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