AAA Garage Door Pros Is Offering Emergency Garage Door Repairs Brisbane Northside – GlobeNewswire

AAA Garage Door Pros Is Offering Emergency Garage Door Repairs Brisbane Northside – GlobeNewswire

Hamilton, Dec. 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AAA Garage Door Pros is providing the best services for garage door repair Brisbane Northside has to offer.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, from April 2020 to April 2021, the country experienced the 7th highest rate of burglaries in the world. In the same time period, 4.3% of Australian households experienced at least 1 break-in (or attempted break-in) and 10% of all break-ins resulted in a confrontation with the intruders.

Burglars usually prefer three modes of ingress into a property which include the front door, back door, and the 1st-floor windows. After the aforementioned entry points, the most popular way for a burglar to break into a home is the garage door. Garages are usually used for storage and could be home to expensive items such as sporting gear, tools, and vehicles that homeowners would like to keep safe from those with devious intentions. Garages also usually offer easy access to the rest of the house through a connecting door.

AAA Garage Door Pros recognizes the importance of making sure that the garage door is well maintained as it plays an important role in keeping the home safe. Apart from being a hassle, a non-functioning or damaged garage door can also end up being a hazard as its unpredictable motion can cause injury to the homeowners. Automatic garage doors with faulty mechanisms also run the risk of trapping children or pets under their deadly mechanical force.

A spokesperson for the Brisbane garage door service company talks about garage door safety by saying, “Sectional garage doors are large and heavy objects that can detach from the mechanism that holds them in place and smash down on those living in the property or those using the premises in a commercial setting. You don’t want to deal with the pain of seeing a loved one or a furry friend in pain due to a faulty garage door that you could have fixed at the first signs of irregularity. If you are a commercial property owner you also don’t want to deal with the liability that falls on you if someone on your property gets injured in that manner. Apart from the physical risk, you also want to make sure that a strong and properly secured garage door is able to deter intruders from breaking into your property. A garage door should be treated with the importance that is reserved for other critical appliances around the house as it is a bulwark for the home’s safety and security.”

The spokesperson then talks about the garage door repair and installation services offered by the Brisbane company by saying, “The best way to eliminate all concerns about garage door safety is to set up maintenance and servicing appointments when you suspect that it is behaving in any manner that is not completely smooth or ideal. This is crucial because a small, seemingly insignificant hiccup could be hiding a deeper problem that can turn into an emergency repair without much warning. We can help you exactly pinpoint the kind of problem you are facing for all kinds of garage doors. Our crew is experienced and skilled enough to understand garage door mechanisms from all major brands and manufacturers. So give us a call …….


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