Aging But Dangerous grows and gives hope during pandemic –

Aging But Dangerous grows and gives hope during pandemic –

The company offers outreach – with a martini or coffee in hand – to women as they age even during the turbulence from the COVID-19 pandemic.

MINNEAPOLIS — The Minneapolis woman who’s found the silver lining in her golden years continues to deliver her delightful combination of wisdom, laughter and style.

Jean Ketcham with Aging But Dangerous offers that outreach – with martini or coffee in hand – despite the trials of a persistent pandemic.

“Don’t depend on other people for your happiness. I love that quote, ‘Some days you just have to make your own sunshine,’” Ketcham recently told KARE 11’s Karla Hult.

KARE 11 first introduced viewers to the 81-year-old co-founder and face of Aging But Dangerous a year ago. As reported then, the company’s mission to support, celebrate and educate women as they age, had cultivated a significant social media following. And after one year of mostly online engagement, that audience has only grown – now with nearly 188,000 Facebook followers.

“It’s just so important to me, to reach that woman and hold her hand and help her get through this aging process. Because there’s so much to look forward to,” Ketcham said, while wearing a magenta sweater with matching nail polish and black-and-white dangling earrings.

When Ketcham and a friend co-founded Aging But Dangerous 14 years ago, they envisioned a company that would focus on engaging, in-person events. And sure enough, they hosted everything from fashion shows, to skydiving expeditions to colonoscopy parties.

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“We really wanted women to just get out and start doing things. And do things that are kind of challenging. Not everyone has to jump out of an airplane but just get a little dangerous,” Ketcham said, adding that “dangerous” can even mean going to the grocery store without applying any makeup.

Not long after their launch, Ketcham discovered her message also resonated online. That online outreach truly took off as people have longed for connection during the pandemic. 

A few times a week, Ketcham engages with followers by giving fashion advice, doing makeup demonstrations or even interviewing an expert on an important topic: from financial matters to a Medicare overview.

This year, the Aging But Dangerous website also decided to give visitors a chance to shop Ketcham’s signature style and even preferred makeup. However, amid all the growth and changes in light of the pandemic, Ketcham still offers her age-old wisdom that may be especially relevant for women today.

“It’s back to that old saying: if you make yourself happy, you do things for yourself, then you can take care of other people,” Ketcham said.

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