Arthur Jafa’s friends, inspirations and collaborators by Paolo Roversi – i-D

Arthur Jafa’s friends, inspirations and collaborators by Paolo Roversi – i-D

This story originally appeared in i-D’s The Darker Issue, no. 365, Winter 2021. Order your copy here.

Lucy wears jacket JACQUEMUS. Trousers THE ROW. Earrings and belt model’s own.

Lucy wears jacket JACQUEMUS. Earrings model’s own.

Lucy Chadwick

After working as the director at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise for over a decade, this summer Lucy Chadwick opened an art space of her own in Biarritz, France. With the closure of Brown’s gallery and the arrival of Covid, Chadwick took this as her cue to bring to life an idea that had been in the back of her mind for years. Chadwick’s gallery Champ Lacombe brings much of its approach and programming from her past at GBE, but to an unlikely location in the south of France.

Chloe wears coat DIOR. Mahfuz wears coat YOHJI YAMAMOTO

Mahfuz Sultan and Chloe Wayne

Mahfuz Sultan is an architect and writer. He’s one of the cofounders of Clocks alongside his wife Chloe Sultan, which is a research and design office in Los Angeles. Sultan did his Masters in Architecture at Harvard, where he did a thesis on the history of airplane hijacking and how it poetically relates to the seizure of the sky by several speculative architects. Recently, Sultan directed a film for Virgil Abloh at Louis Vuitton for the SS22 men’s collection. Together with Chloe they are art directors of the new David Zwirner space directed by Ebony L. Haynes, 52 Walker.

Azza Yousif stylist Azza wears coat VICTORIA BECKHAM. Top and jewellery model’s own.

Azza Yousif

Azza Yousif is a French- Sudanese stylist, creative consultant and writer based in Paris. Born in Cairo and growing up in Paris, she graduated from Studio Bercot, and began her career working with the designer Andre Walker before moving into styling. She has worked for Vogue Paris and Vogue Hommes, and is now the Fashion Director of GQ France.

Sarah wears jumper MIU MIU. Earrings CHANEL COCO CRUSH. Nose piercing model’s own.

Sara Sadik

Sara Sadik is an artist whose work explores what she calls beurcore: the youth culture that has sprung up from the working class French youth of Maghrebi descent. Her work spans video, performance, installation, and photography, reference contemporary imagery, science fiction, music and fashion.

Emmanuel wears all clothing LOUIS VUITTON. Hat and jewellery model’s own.

Emmanuel Olunkwa

Born in 1994 in Los Angeles, Emmanuel is a polymathic young talent. A graduate of the New School and Columbia, he is an artist, editor, writer, and filmmaker. With his studio, E&Ko, he produces furniture. He is currently the editor of Pin Up Magazine, and founded November magazine with Lauren O’Neill-Butler, and Dawn Chan, Aria Dean, and Alec Mapes-Frances.


Photography Paolo Roversi
Fashion Dan Sablon
Hair Yannick d’Is at MA GROUP using Oribe Products
Make-up Marie Duhart at Bryant Artists


Nail stylist