Average Solar Panel Cost: North Carolina (2022) – EcoWatch

Average Solar Panel Cost: North Carolina (2022) – EcoWatch

As more and more homeowners in the Tar Heel State become aware of the benefits of generating their own electricity via solar energy, many are asking: How much do solar panels cost in North Carolina?

While most people these days inherently recognize the environmental benefits of solar energy, as well as the ability to raise their property values and perhaps even make money by selling excess generation back to the grid, all of those opportunities will remain out of reach if the cost of solar panels in North Carolina is out of their price range.

In this article, we’ll explain how much solar panels cost in North Carolina as well as financial incentives available in the state. However, the figures we present are just averages, and you’ll need to get a free quote from a solar installer to see how much a system would actually cost for your home. If you’re ready to do so right away, you can use this tool or fill out the form below.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in North Carolina?

North Carolina has quickly become one of the top states for solar installations, and for good reason: The average cost of solar panels in North Carolina is slightly below the national average. Based on market research and data we’ve collected from top solar panel brands, the average solar panel cost in North Carolina is $2.54 per watt, while the U.S. average is $2.66 per watt.

To put that into context, a reasonable-sized installation for a North Carolina home may be about 5 kilowatts, which would put the solar panel costs at $12,700. This lowers to $9,398 after applying the federal solar tax credit.

These prices, of course, will increase as the size of the project increases, as shown in the following table of potential solar panel system sizes:

Size of Solar Panel System

North Carolina Solar Panel Cost

Cost After Federal Tax Credit



















However, the above table only represents the expected average costs of a solar energy system. Many different factors can come into play when determining how much you’ll actually pay for solar panels in North Carolina, some of the most critical of which are discussed in the following section.

What Determines the Cost of Solar Panels in North Carolina?

A solar power system for your rooftop is like any other building addition — it doesn’t come with a single off-the-shelf price. Instead, the cost you pay for your solar panel installation will directly vary …….

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