Bands of strength – Deccan Chronicle

Bands of strength – Deccan Chronicle

The Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry constantly posts workout videos online, and many of them include resistance bands. “I really like working with these very inexpensive bands because they require the use of my own body weight,” Halle said on Instagram. “I want to build strength while staying long and lean . . . These bands are so easy to carry that they allow me to exercise wherever I go. I can work out in my trailer while filming, in my office, on vacation in a hotel room, at the beach, in my living room or just about anywhere.”
Resistance Bands, also known as Exercise Bands or Thera Bands, are primarily used to build and strengthen muscles through the resistance they offer. “Since resistance bands put less pressure on joints compared to free weights, they enable the muscles to exercise more, thereby enabling them to build faster,” says Meenakshi Mohanty – Fitness Expert.

Commonly-used bands
Resistance bands are popular because they are inexpensive, light-weight, and easy to transport. Beginners, however, need to understand which kind of band is best for them. “Some of the most commonly used ones are Loops, Tube Bands with handles, Circle Bands, and Figure 8 Bands,” says Shruti Sethi, Fitness Creator at Trell.
“For instance, if you are considering a good upper back, shoulder and biceps workout, a Pull-Up Resistance Band is the best for you. On the other hand, if you are using these bands for lightweight exercises, then it’s best to opt for Therapy Bands without loops,” says Shruti.  


Levels of resistance
Within each category of band, there are different levels of resistance available, depending on the purpose of your workout. “The length of the band and its fabric matter too. These bands can be used effectively to work out muscle groups including the core, arms and legs, or to tone up and improve posture,” says Shruti.

Protective properties
Not only do these bands provide resistance to build better muscle stimulus, but also prevent shocks and injuries that could be caused by weightlifting. “Thera bands are more customised than weights since they are available in variable patterns and strengths, suited for specific workouts to increase mobility, flexibility and condition muscles. The maximum leverage of resistance band workouts comes from increasing the number of repetitions and sets, upgrading band strength, and spot training,” says Meenakshi.
These portable workout devices go beyond muscle building and can also be used safely to slowly strengthen damaged muscles.


* Resistance bands come in a variety of strengths, lengths and sizes.
* They’re foldable, portable, and easy to store.
* They are among the most affordable pieces of exercise equipment.
* Resistance bands allow you to do gym-type exercises at home.

Single-arm lat pulldown
The lat pulldown is a popular back exercise that’s easy to do at home using a resistance band.
•           Grab the band with both palms.
•           Reach forward and 45 degrees upward. This will be your starting position.
•           Pull the band down on one side, squeezing your elbow to your side as you flex the elbow.
•           Pause at the bottom of the …….


Exercise at home