Best friends turn passion for fishing into online directory for anglers –

Best friends turn passion for fishing into online directory for anglers –

Kevin Frontz and Dustin Amenda, left and Kevin Frontz created the online MaxWells fishing directory.

WISCONSIN – With the ice fishing season already gearing up, Wisconsin anglers have a new online source to find fishing guides, bait shops and lodging.

Kevin Frontz and Dustin Amenda created the online MaxWells Fishing Directory to help others looking to book their own fishing trips, find their much needed fishing gear and get in touch with some of the great small businesses across the state.

They’ve been building listings now for 10 months for the three categories on the site: Resorts & Lodges, Guides, and Bait Shops.

As they developed the site and talked to the different business owners around the state, they have gathered great feedback and a welcoming community.

“Our focus is simple, we want Maxwells to be a free directory, both for listings and usage,” Frontz said.

MaxWells Group, just as many other outdoor teams came to be, was created through a lifelong friendship and eagerness to get out fishing.

Frontz and Amenda grew up in Belmont, in southwestern Wisconsin and through the years, fishing became part of their lives with family and friends.

Whether on family trips to the Northwoods or the rivers and streams near home, fishing is what they loved to do.

“As we’ve gotten older, our families have grown and friends have moved away, but the desire to fish with buddies remains,” Frontz said. “As with many, a fishing trip is planned each year, for us it is to a new location to learn, explore, and meet some new people.”

“When that time comes and the pursuit of the perfect place approaches us, we start the search. After hours of research, calls, and texts a choice is made and the trip is booked,” Frontz said.

But 2021 was a little different, during a call discussing the trip, they thought, “wouldn’t it be nice if there was a website that had all of this available?” And MaxWells Group was born. 

Frontz says MaxWells Group represents their friendship, passion for fishing, and most importantly each of our sons, Max and Wells. 

They say they’d like to see the page grow to provide as much value to anglers as possible, support the businesses listed, and see where the road takes us.

“At this point it is fully free as a fun hobby for us both,”Frontz said. “We’d eventually like to see what opportunities there are for either preferred advertising, partnerships, products or other options in related fields/industry to make a bit of something from the work we put in.”

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Using the Resource

Whether you’re on a phone, laptop or desktop, we’ve tried to build Maxwells to be a simple process. Many sites have levels and levels of pages, when all you want to know are the hours, directions, phone number or get to a post you know someone shared.

How to navigate the site:</…….