Best mini fridges for drinks, skincare and more – Evening Standard

Best mini fridges for drinks, skincare and more – Evening Standard


here’s a thin line between laziness and luxury. Depending on how highly you rate the pleasures of a well-chilled drink, a mini fridge could be the latter. What could be better than a fridge just about large enough to hold a personal stash of goodies, eliminating the need to go to the proper fridge? What a time to be alive.

Jokes aside, a small fridge has its uses. Handy in small spaces like sheds, trailers and temporary offices, the compact devices offer convenience in a pinch. Whether you want to keep breastmilk on standby in the nursery, need something more substantial than a cooler to store certain medicines, or simply enjoy the idea of grabbing a cold one when you fancy it, a mini fridge can help.


They’re also great for students and in houseshares for keeping the more precious and costly food items away from hungry eyes and pilfering hands.

Recently, there’s also been a rise in the trend for beauty fridges, where all manner of lotions and potions are stored away from sunlight in a chilled nirvana. Better to store beauty gadgets like eye ice globes and gua sha tools in a dedicated fridge than have them rolling against soggy cucumbers in your main machine’s vegetable crisper.

Then there are the lockable designs, made for keeping beer, wine and spirits cool, which can be placed in your conservatory, dining room or living room, ready and waiting for happy hour.

Whatever you need a mini fridge for, we’ve rounded up some of the coolest designs to make shopping for them a truly chilled experience.

Russell Hobbs Retro RH14CLR4001SCW Portable Beauty Cooler & Warmer

It pays to keep up with the trends; Russell Hobbs has well and truly jumped on the beauty fridge bandwagon by labelling this 42.2 x 32.3 x 32.5 cm fridge as such. In fact, it can be used for storing anything, from your personal supply of Tony’s Chocolonely to that posh vintage cheddar you don’t want anyone else getting their paws on. Holds 14 litres.

Russell Hobbs

Subcold Super50 LED – Mini Fridge Black

Keep your beers, ciders and cocktail tinnies ready for your next gathering with this 50L glass-fronted fridge that comes with two wire shelves to maximise the space. It features compression cooling with a range of 3 to 18 degrees. Not only is it low noise (at 42dB) but its low energy too (using 66kWh), which makes it ideal to install in areas like a bedroom or living room. There’s also a lock for an additional layer of security.


HUSKY Coca-Cola HUS-HU252 Mini Fridge – Red

If you heart bold style, a Coca-Cola branded fridge from Husky could work well in your interior scheme. The box design measures 51 x 43 x 47cm and can hold a surprising 43 litres in its cavernous depths. Not bad for a mini fridge.


Bush TTCHILLO Table Top Drinks …….


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