Best way to lose weight by US woman who used ‘habit stacking’ to shed 58kg in one year – 7NEWS

Best way to lose weight by US woman who used ‘habit stacking’ to shed 58kg in one year – 7NEWS

Several years ago, Sabrina Osland took her son on a cruise to Alaska.

The two were excited for one of the excursions where a helicopter would fly them to a glacier to explore it. But Sabrina was stunned that she faced an extra charge for the trip because she was overweight.

“If you were over a certain weight then you had to pay extra because apparently it would be taking (a seat) away from somebody else,” Sabrina, 41, a business sales consultant from Chanhassen, Minnesota, told TODAY.

“I don’t know how 20 or 50 pounds really counts for a person. But really it was one of the most devastating things.

Throughout adulthood, Sabrina’s weight fluctuated. And after getting married seven years ago, she started to gain weight again.

Sabrina before her weightloss. Credit: via NBC

She made quick meals that didn’t always include a lot of healthy options and she often neglected her own health.

“I didn’t always focus on exercise or put myself first,” Sabrina explained. “When I was gaining weight, you just don’t see yourself gaining the weight as it’s happening.”

When she returned home from her cruise, she decided to exercise at least 30 minutes every day.

To make sure she moved, she set reminders on her phone and wrote a checklist of tasks to do every day.

Her to-do list includes small changes, such as drinking enough water, exercising and taking vitamins.

“I’m very much type A,” she said. “It’s more of a checks and balances — like I need to get this done by a certain time but if I haven’t here’s my reminder.”

She first started by walking once a day for 30 minutes. As her endurance improved she’d walk for an hour or twice a day.

Sabrina started by exercising for 30 minutes at day. Credit: via NBC

Then she added in some strength training. Soon after Sabrina first started, the COVID-19 pandemic hit so she had to incorporate these new habits into her work-from-home life and without a gym.

But that also presented her with an opportunity.

“All the excuses …….


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