Brewery owner hosts ‘knit nights’ to clothe cold Mainers – WCSH-WLBZ

Brewery owner hosts ‘knit nights’ to clothe cold Mainers – WCSH-WLBZ

Donations benefit the Maine Needs nonprofit.

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine — Every now and then, Julie Dilger sits on a couch in the corner of Foulmouthed Brewing in South Portland and pulls out her yarn and needles.

She looks right at home; and she is, in a way. Five years ago, she and her husband founded the brewery.

She has a passion for craft beer and cocktails and also using the knitting talent she learned as a child to help keep Mainers warm as another winter looms.

“Before the pandemic, we had been doing knit nights regularly,” she said, able to hold eye contact while keeping pace with her needles.

Pre-pandemic, Dilger could have more than a dozen show up to the brewery to knit. On the night she spoke to NEWS CENTER Maine, Dilger was joined by her daughter, Matilda—still a knit novice—and her friend, Jenna Pfueller.

Pfueller, admittedly new to the hobby as well, wound blue yarn over a plastic loom—soon to be a hat if she’s successful.

“One of the big things I love about living in Maine is just the community of kindness that’s here,” she said. “And it’s just a spirit that everyone has. And I’m not from here, but that’s definitely one of the things I loved about this place when I moved here.”

Items knit and collected go to Maine Needs, a nonprofit that gives toys and essentials to families who need them most. As of a Dec. 5 post to Facebook,  volunteers tallied more than 134,000 items distributed this year. 

So then, what good can one more scarf do?

“Even if it is just one item, you’re affecting one person who will, in turn, hopefully, be a little warmer, and a little happier, and be able to do something a little more,” Dilger said.

Julia said she has plenty more yarn at home. She’ll sit in her brewery and needle away until it’s all gone this winter. 

And she has room on her couch.

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