Brits wanting to lose weight face uphill battle as junk food is EVERYWHERE, experts say… – The Sun

Brits wanting to lose weight face uphill battle as junk food is EVERYWHERE, experts say… – The Sun

BRITS trying to lose weight are destined to fail as junk food options are everywhere, experts have warned.

In the last 18 months the government has rolled out various initiatives to help Brits lose weight and get healthy.


Brits trying to lose weight and get healthy are facing an uphill battle as a review found that junk food is hard to get away fromCredit: Getty – Contributor

The government rolled out the Better Health Campaign which included an app with a helpful 12 week programme to boost weight loss

Clubs such as Weight Watchers and Slimming World were also offered up for free and an incentive alongside the chance to get free clothes and cinema vouchers for ‘being healthy’.

But a report commissioned by the Government’s obesity research unit said rules on adverts that have ‘junk food’ in them don’t actually go far enough.

The National Institute for Health Research say that dieters face an uphill battle to lose weight with ‘cheap unhealthy’ food being so readily available.

Adverts are available online, on television and can be hard to escape, but plans are said to be in motion for a 9pm curb on junk food adverts on TV.

Experts at London’s City University said that it’s this 24 hour-a-day access that’s making it hard for people to stick to their diets, which in turn, makes it harder for them to lose weight.

The NHS spends around £6 billion a year treating obesity related illnesses.

The 28-page report seen by The Guardian found that many people turned to junk food because it was readily available and cheap.

It stated: “People also reported that being met everywhere with promotions made it very difficult not to think about food or make unplanned purchases of HFSS [high in fat, salt or sugar] food.”

While this is also an issue, it’s key to highlight that many families are unable to afford to make meals from scratch and millions in this country rely on food banks to feed themselves and their familes.

Experts found that the low cost of unhealthy food made weight management difficult for those on a low incomes as more unhealthy foods were likely to be on promotions in shops.

The reviewers found that campaigns set out by the government would have ‘limited impact’ on Brits if ministers don’t improve the food environment alongside the health initiatives.

Lead author of the review Kimberley Neve, said: “This review highlights not only how difficult it is to lose weight in Britain, and keep it off, but also that it’s not just about willpower or self-control: even people trying really hard are thwarted in their efforts by unhealthy food options that are everywhere – they’re easy to find, cheap to buy, quick and appealing.”

In light of the review ministers have been asked to accept several policy recommendations.

These include ensuring their are more healthy foods on promotion and pushing businesses to provide healthy options in the work place.

Reviewers state that fast food outlets should also be …….


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