Camper Nestbox Grants Nearly Any Vehicle a Customizable Habitat for Small Bucks – autoevolution

Camper Nestbox Grants Nearly Any Vehicle a Customizable Habitat for Small Bucks – autoevolution

Let’s say your buddies are off to the mountains next week. Everyone has their RVs and travel trailers ready, but your student loans have been keeping you from doing the same? Without sounding too much like an old-school commercial, there really is an answer for people like us.

What you have before you is known as the Nestbox Camper, a conversion kit designed and manufactured by Egoe nest, a crew out of the Czech Republic with a love for the outdoors like very few others. This crew even goes so far as designing pillows and blankets for off-grid and outdoor use.

Now, conversion kits are nothing new, but a few essential features and aspects need to be in place to make sure you’re ready for, well, living.

For most people, the first and foremost important aspect is price. Believe it or not, the Complete Set+, which features everything you see here in the images, will run you 3,196 EUR (3,621 USD at current exchange rates). That’s all the cash you need to be able to tag along on those off-grid trips.

Secondly, what makes the Camper so dang special is that it can fit an array of vehicles ranging from an Audi Q7, BMW X3, and Subaru Forester, all the way to a VW Passat, Skoda Yeti, and Volvo V90. The remaining 40 or so compatible models you’ll have to explore on your own.

Up next, we have the capability. It’s here that Camper caught my attention. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the gallery, do so, and look closely at what’s available. You’ll be able to find a bed and a kitchen, ready at a moment’s notice. The only things missing are a shower and toilet. But those you can grab separately and integrate them into your vehicle as best you can.

From here, we can look at general ease of use. Even though the entire kit comes in with a weight of 75 kg (165 lbs), because it’s made from separate parts, lining things up, fitting them together, and finally taking hold of your temporary kingdom can be a one-person job.

The entire process starts off with a frame and platform that’s set over your folded rear seats and expands to cover the width of your passenger compartment. Once the frame is in place, add the bed pads and off to sleep with you.

The rest of the system is completed by something Egoe calls the “main frame.” It’s a seemingly simple box designed to operate with interchangeable modules, allowing you to customize each and every trip.

On the manufacturer’s website, this space is shown as being occupied by a kitchen. It’s here you’ll find things like a sink with running water, a removable cooker, and storage space that is designed to fit a cooler. Don’t need the cooler? Just use this space for whatever gear you may need.

But remember, features like the cooker or sink with running water are all set up like those modules I mentioned. If anytime you don’t have one of the Camper’s abilities, leave it behind and use the space for something else more fitting for your …….


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