Capital Region builders appear on Magnolia Network – Spectrum News

Capital Region builders appear on Magnolia Network – Spectrum News

Created by Fixer Upper’s Chip and Joanna Gaines, the Magnolia Network is home to more than a dozen shows, including “Inn the Works.”

The latest season features the renovation of a Western Massachusetts motel, and the project utilized help from two Upstate New York family businesses.

Mike Darling is a third-generation mason.

“My grandfather was in it,” Darling said. “I worked with him since I was 14 … built foundations for houses and then slowly, we turned into outdoor living. So now, we specialize in outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, pizza ovens.”

Mike Darling Construction has served Troy and the greater Capital Region for 27 years. This fall, his talents brought him on a new journey.

The Magnolia Network show Inn the Works is hosted by Lindsey Kurowski. Mike Darling Construction is a big part of its second season.

“I was in need of help, as much help as I could find, any willing and able hand. Mike was incredible, he showed up with his dad, they brought me the most amazing crew and we did some pretty incredible work,” said Kurowski.

She’s been working with Magnolia Network for about two years now, living full-time in Los Angeles.

Born and raised in the Berkshires, Kurowski grew up just a few miles from her latest renovation project – The Springs Motel in New Ashford, Massachusetts.

“The bones are beautiful for this place, it is so mid-century. It is a quintessential roadside motel from the 60s. It’s beautiful … it was not in its best condition when I got there,” said Kurowski.

Starting in September of this year, Lindsey had 90 days to turn this place around, with Darling and his crew leading the installation team.

“It was a break from the stressful year we had with COVID. And it really motivated us a little bit more,” Darling said.

The springs has 20 rooms and four free-standing cabins. Darling and his team helped Lindsey design and install a beer garden, outdoor kitchen area, fireplace and a retro pool paying tribute to the era of when this motel was built, using decorative breeze blocks, supplied by another Capital Region family business.

They’re manufactured by the Schenectady-based company Dagostino Building Blocks. Owner Ken Dagostino played a crucial role in bringing The Springs back to life.

“His family has owned this company for 100 years, so I was able to feature his family’s stone – these beautiful stacking blocks – in a few of my episodes, which I was really excited about,” said Kurowski.

For her, utilizing local craftsman and her family on a project right down the road from her childhood home was a dream come true.

“I love the town that I’m from. Just to be able to give back. To be able to live in Los Angeles for 12 years and study design… and have a small understanding of hospitality. I’m so excited to share this with my hometown, and the people I know and my family. I’m really excited to bring some business to this place,” said Kurowski.

The Springs Inn, as it’s now called, will open to guests in December, with a grand opening …….


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