Celebrities Who Hate ‘Cancel Culture’ – q961.com

Celebrities Who Hate ‘Cancel Culture’ – q961.com

The term “cancel culture” has become an all-consuming buzzword over the last few years, with public figures, celebrities and everyday Karens gone viral being swallowed up by the mob mentality that is social media.

Oftentimes, these public calling-outs are warranted, and part of a larger cultural effort toward accountability; other times, perhaps not so much. But as society continues to grapple with the concepts of justice, forgiveness and the effectiveness of public shaming, many celebrities have spoken out in opposition to the proverbial pitchforks and torches found in many corners of the Twitterverse.


Below, we’ve rounded up 11 celebrities — from Jameela Jamil and Kelly Osbourne to Demi Lovato and Justin Bieber —  who have expressed their disdain for cancel culture. Read on for the complete list.

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    Jameela Jamil

    Jameela Jamil has been a longtime constant advocate for ending the perception of cancel culture, particularly among the Hollywood set.

    In an address at Harvard University in September 2020, The Good Place actress shared her thoughts on the subject, saying, “We need to separate what’s been canceled and what’s being called out. Celebrities are such snowflakes. They don’t know how to take criticism, because they’ve never been criticized before. So when they’ve just been called out, they’ll cry cancel culture, but that’s not very helpful because it muddies the waters to what cancellation is.”

    She continued: “Cancellation means being de-platformed, having your rights taken away, your job taken away, your finances being harmed. That mostly happens to civilians, not celebrities. I got canceled 45 times in February. All of my shows got recommissioned, I landed a huge campaign and my book deal remains. I’m f–king fine.”

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    Kelly Rowland

    In the early days of the pandemic, Kelly Rowland took to Instagram to decry the urge to pass judgement on others in a classic Notes app post.

    “In this ‘cancel culture’ we live in, I am SO grateful God NEVER canceled me, and I’m sure he could’ve many-a-times! Let us always TRY to remember NOT to judge others. We HONESTLY don’t have the space nor authority [to]! Let us remember to lead with love & kindness, the world is has enough negativity, for you to pour more into it! #STOPTRYINTOBEGOD,” she wrote, captioning the post by asking, “So what light are you bringing into the world?”

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    Chris Rock

    To Chris Rock, the worst thing cancel culture has done in recent years is force comedians to tip-toe around the line of acceptability in their jobs to make people laugh.

    “It’s weird when you’re a comedian because like, when you’re a comedian, when the audience doesn’t laugh, we get the message. You don’t really have to cancel us because we get the message. They’re not laughing. Our feelings hurt. When we do something and people aren’t laughing we, like, we get it.” he said in an interview with popular radio show The Breakfast Club …….

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