Chasing Greatness – The Bentley University Newsroom

Chasing Greatness – The Bentley University Newsroom

How is the transition for a student-athlete transferring to a new school?  

Being a student-athlete made the transfer process exponentially easier. During my second week at Bentley, walking into my first practice, I immediately knew that the track and field team was something special. Even though the team has about 60 people on it, it felt much smaller. Every single person came up to me that day to introduce themselves and welcome me. I also soon realized that the entire athletic community at Bentley is incredibly tightknit. It’s the little things that take place within the athletic community at Bentley — like wishing each other good luck before a big game or meet, or congratulating them on a win — that shows the closeness of the athletes, regardless of their sport.  

Transferring from a Division III school to a Division II school definitely was an adjustment. The competition is fiercer, and there is a much stronger commitment required, but I love that. The great thing about track at Bentley is that we not only compete against the Northeast-10 schools, but also Division I schools like the University of Texas, even some Olympians. During my first season at Bentley, I competed at a meet that had over 2,000 athletes. At this meet, Lolo Jones was competing in the 60-meter hurdles, as was I. Lolo Jones is a two-time world champion and former American record holder in the event. It was such a crazy experience to be competing against her!  

Athletics have been a huge part of my life. I was captain of the ski team in high school and a state champion. I was a nationally ranked gymnast until I was 16, when I fractured my back and was forced to give it up. I started track junior year and fell in love with it. Playing sports was something that was second nature to me for as long as I can remember. The fact that Bentley had a great track team played an enormous role in my decision to transfer. I don’t think I could imagine myself not playing a sport in college.  


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