Clothes Less Traveled offers many ways to give back – The

Clothes Less Traveled offers many ways to give back – The

Longtime volunteer Kay Sledge says if you’re looking for a fun way to give back to the community, CLT is great! Check out volunteer opportunities on the Clothes Less Traveled website or call the store and ask for Michelle Brown.

What will you share today? 

The giving season is year-round in Fayette County, where generous people support numerous charities and causes, and neighbors helping neighbors is a way of life. It’s how we live. It’s what we do.

One organization provides an all-under-one-roof stop for giving back. We support numerous local nonprofits all at once when we donate, shop, or volunteer at Clothes Less Traveled, often referred to as CLT.

“The amazing impact of CLT is the opportunity to give back in so many wonderful ways,” says Barbara Harrison, incoming chair of the organization’s board of directors. “Very few organizations offer that.”

If your New Year’s resolutions involve giving back or if you’re looking for meaningful ways to plug into the community, you’ll find numerous opportunities to do this at Clothes Less Traveled.

Donate Generously

The cycle begins with our donations. When we bring gently used items to CLT’s 25,000 sq. ft. store on Hwy 74 S in Peachtree City, profits from these donations become grants to charities in the community. At CLT, the outcome of your downsizing or decluttering is helpful to many people, in addition to clearing the way for what’s next in your life.

The four dollars they collect for the perfectly decent blender you replaced with something fancier turns into meaningful support for nonprofits like Fayette Senior Services and the Joseph Sams School.

“People value their donations, and they want to give things to someone who will continue to use or repurpose them,” Barbara says.

Thanks to generous donations, shoppers find fresh displays of goods in all areas of Clothes Less Traveled.

She tells the story of a couple who came and asked to talk with someone about their 12-piece place setting of fine china. They’d been married more than 50 years, and these treasures were more than plates and serving pieces. Their dishes represented a lifetime of special occasions. The couple wanted to be sure someone would appreciate their value.

Barbara explains that newlyweds who could never afford to purchase a new set of fine china often come to CLT to look for options. Donations like this offer an alternative or allow a family or friend to give them something extraordinary.

Your donations may help a single mom shop for back-to-school or a college student furnish their dorm. CLT also helps families who have fallen on hard times by providing vouchers for household goods, furniture, and more. And with inflation rising daily, CLT’s reasonably priced quality items are valuable to all of us.

Our generosity and overflow are actually the geneses of everything for Clothes Less Traveled. It all started in Mary Ann Cox’s office at Holy Trinity Church, where her closet was bulging with clothes people brought in for needy people in the area. So much so that when she opened the door to show …….


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