Decking The Halls | | – Oregon Daily Emerald

Decking The Halls | | – Oregon Daily Emerald

One of the best parts about the holidays is being able to see all the festive lights and decorations the community has put together. What’s even better is being able to make your own home just as merry! Use these ideas and projects to spice up your space this holiday season.

DIY Projects:

Pine Cone Mobile: 

What You’ll Need: 

Pine Cones (foraged or store bought)

Twine or plastic wire

Artificial leaves

Embroidery hoop or sturdy stick

Using an embroidery hoop or stick, bind your choice of string to it, leaving long enough strands to attach pine cones and leaves. Tie your choice of flora to the strands and hang where it can be best enjoyed! As a bonus, spray the pine cones with diluted cinnamon essential oils for a festive scent.

DIY Ornaments:

What You’ll Need:

Clear plastic ornaments

Stuffings: glitter, dried leave and berries, fake snow, confetti


Open up the top of the clear ornaments. Carefully place your choice of stuffings into the ornament until desired look is achieved. Glue topper to secure the ornament close. Optional: grab friends or family and DIY an entire set of ornaments as a holiday activity!


Mason Jar Candle Holders

What You’ll Need:

Mason jars

Small Candles (real or fake)


Fake Snow or glitter

Your Choice of accessories (bells, pine needles, berries, etc.)


Glue the candle to the bottom of your mason jar to secure it in place. Fill the bottom of your jar with a base of white glitter or fake snow (epsom salt is a good alternative). Tie a bow or ribbon around the outside and glue to the jar. Accessorize with pine cones or other holiday elements. 


Budget Options: 

Target: At the front of every Target is a dollar section. Usually around the holidays this section will be filled with inexpensive, holiday themed items. For just a few dollars you can score a selection of holiday decorating goods to spice up your space. 

Dollar Stores: Every holiday, dollar stores will have aisles dedicated to holiday themed decorations. You can choose to decorate from their holiday section or you can explore their craft aisles for equally as inexpensive DIY options. 

Use What Nature Gave You: Many of the themes around holiday decorating contain some element of plant, fruit, or berry. Get creative with what’s in your kitchen by drying orange slices or stringing popcorn. Cranberries and cinnamon sticks are inexpensive grocery store finds that can be placed in a bowl with pine needles or cones to achieve the perfect holiday …….