Design showcase: Top five designs with wood – TOPHOTELNEWS

Design showcase: Top five designs with wood – TOPHOTELNEWS

In collaboration with TOPHOTELDESIGN, we take a quick look at five hotels that demonstrate how timber can be used to terrific effect in hospitality settings.

If there’s one material that’s included in almost every interior, it’s probably wood.

There’s no substitute for quality

It’s a noble material that’s been used for centuries and still can’t be replaced by anything. In fact, there have been numerous technological attempts to imitate the material, but attributes like its smell, noise when stepping on it and natural shapes can’t be imitated. It just won’t give off the same warm, soothing feeling that natural wood does.

Today, we’re focusing on designs that take wood to the next level.

There’s Room Mate Macarena’s sophisticated craftmanship inspired by the natural elements, which transforms the hotel into a perfect blend of modern and traditional style.

MeeHotel uses wood as a constant guide throughout the whole project. From refined sculptural pieces that hang from a double-height ceiling to dynamic fine panels constructed from many thin pieces of wood, it lures guests into every single corner of the hotel.

Myconian Naia’s hexagonal pergola transforms a great space into an outstanding one, giving it character and a unique physical sensation.

OneJee Hotel’s spaces are fantastically divided by an array of wooden structures, forming wavy patterns that appear and disappear depending on the angle they’re looked at.

And Six Senses Bhutan makes use of clean, minimalist, tasteful, wooden interiors. From fine blinds to polished trays, the project is full of exquisite details.

Room Mate Macarena

by Tomás Alía

Imagery: © Ludovic Magnoux & Martin Mendez



by Panorama Design Group


Myconian Naia

Mykonos, Greece
by Galal Mahmoud Architects

Imagery: © Christos Drazos


OneJee Hotel

by Panorama Design Group

Imagery: © Sumilee


Six Senses Bhutan

Thimphu, Bhutan
by Habita Architects and Six Senses
Supplied by Kohler Co


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