Family’s faith comes to head in Tridentine Brewing operation –

Family’s faith comes to head in Tridentine Brewing operation –

Jeffery Alcorn, right, head brewmaster for the Tridentine Brewing Co., poses for a photo with sons Trevor and Cameron in this undated photo. The Alcorns own and operate the home-brewing company in northern Illinois. (CNS photo/courtesy Tridentine Brewing via Amanda Lauer)

Trevor Alcorn comes from a storied line of brewers. His great-great-grandmother brewed beer in her bathtub in Chicago during Prohibition in the 1920s.

Home brewing has been a tradition in the family through the decades, but there’s been a 180-degree turnaround in the endeavor since its illicit start.

Alcorn, a lifelong Catholic who lives in northern Illinois, has a home-based brewing operation called Tridentine Brewing.

“My maternal grandfather brewed in the 1990s. He taught my father how to brew,” noted Alcorn. “My dad was brewing a bit then, but for a while the hobby was forgotten. Several years ago, my parents were moving houses and we came across all the brewery supplies that my father had. I asked him to teach me how to brew.”

Originally the brewing was a casual pastime, a relatively simple process. Alcorn likened it to getting a premade mix for a cake. However, since 2019, he, his father, Jeff Alcorn, and brother Cameron Alcorn have upped their brewing game.

“Now we do what all commercial brewers do. We start from scratch with our own grains that we buy,” he said in an interview for Catholic News Service. “It’s almost as if you are an actual chef making something from scratch. The only difference technically between us and a commercial brewer is they’ve got bigger equipment.”

Jeff is Tridentine’s brew master. “He’s the master behind creating all the recipes and everything else for the beer,” Alcorn explained. “Cameron is our graphic designer, he helps us create the website, all of our labels, he’s the design genius behind all that.”

Their product line and graphics are showcased on their website, — with its slogan, “brewing beer for the greater glory of God” — and on Instagram, @tridentinebrewing.

What truly sets Tridentine Brewing apart from other brewers is the family’s vision and mission. When they started brewing more frequently, they decided to start naming their beers and, as devout Catholics, they wanted the names to have some meaning, say a reference to a saint.

Alcorn has a deep devotion to Blessed Karl of Austria and so one of their creations is named in his honor.

“When we were going through and creating beer recipes, the first few beers that we created were Vienna lagers,” he recalled. “There’s no greater person to link to the Vienna lager than Blessed Karl since Vienna was the capital of Austria-Hungary during his time.

Jeffery Alcorn, head brewmaster, prepares mash for the Tridentine Brewing Co., in this undated photo. (CNS photo/courtesy Tridentine Brewing via Amanda Lauer)

“I came up with the idea of a Hopsburg Beer so I didn’t infringe on the Habsburg name and it had a bit of a quirky twist to it since hops is the …….


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