Five Horror Movies to Stream Now – The New York Times

Five Horror Movies to Stream Now – The New York Times

I must be on St. Nick’s naughty list because he didn’t come through with my Christmas wish for new evil-Santa films. I’ll make the season frightful myself with picks from around the world that include a prude mutant, a vengeful witch, a tortured musician and a demonic dinner.

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“Everything’s weird underwater”: That observation from one of this film’s characters sums up the latest eerie drama from the directors Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury, the duo behind “Inside,” a signature film of the New French Extremity, and “Kandisha,” a supernatural thriller and one of my August picks.

Ben (James Jagger) and Tina (Camille Rowe) are a young couple visiting southwestern France, where they befriend a stranger who guides them to a rural area where he says an entire house is submerged in a lake. Eager to make social media content, Ben and Tina put on diving gear, load up with underwater lights and cameras, and take the plunge.

They find the perfectly preserved house but also, mysteriously, a locked gate. Once inside, they discover creepy dolls, a giant crucifix and human figures that are hooded, chained and floating. It turns out that fish aren’t the only ones inside the house with them.

What would be a standard haunted house film is made a stylistic knockout by its underwater setting. Thanks to its director of photography, Jacques Ballard, the slow-mo movement and claustrophobic environs work in sinister harmony.

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Zane (Alex Stein) is having a god awful day. His satanic thrash band Withered Christ dumped him before their gig opening for Grandma Incinerator. Across town at St. Mary’s Church, Father Kilborn (Andrew Jessop) is suspended after complaints about his rant-filled homilies. Facing a crisis of faith, he gets sloshed and has a car accident that launches him into toxic waters, where he turns into a bloodthirsty mutant.

After Father Kilborn goes on a killing spree at the annual Holy Saturday Metal Massacre, he and Zane meet for a screwball theological battle with profane, gory and very silly consequences.

Tim Connery’s low-budget horror comedy is a preposterous and brazenly blasphemous gem for die-hard genre lovers. The film has real underdog charm, thanks to made-by-metalheads humor, better-than-expected acting and a death by cymbals that gets my vote for kill of the year. I loved Liam Brazier‘s animation of a flashback scene in Nicaragua (long story) that looks like a death metal album cover come to life.

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I’m a fan of slow-burn horror that generates terror …….