Fix: volsnap event ID error on Windows computers – TWCN Tech News

Fix: volsnap event ID error on Windows computers – TWCN Tech News

If you are receiving a volsnap event ID error on Windows 11 or Windows 10, then this post will help you resolve the problem. The list of event id includes 36, 8, 25, 9, 33, 1, 24, 35, 28, 23, 14, 16, etc in Windows 11/10 Event Viewer. Before you begin, ensure you have an administrator account.

What is Volsnap?

Volsnap or Volsnap.sys or Volume Snapshot is a Windows system file that is related to the Volume Shadow Copy service. VolSnap. Technically it’s a Windows driver that helps the OS uses the Volume Shadow Copy and has access to core files, hardware, etc. VSS is activated whenever there is a backup restore operation, data mining, disk to disk backups, etc.

Fix volsnap event ID error on Windows computers

Here is the list of event IDs followed by reason and solutions.

  1. volsnap Event ID 1
  2. volsnap Event ID 8
  3. volsnap Event ID 9
  4. volsnap Event ID 14 & Event ID 16
  5. volsnap Event ID 23
  6. volsnap Event ID 24 & 35
  7. volsnap Event ID 25
  8. volsnap Event ID 28
  9. volsnap Event ID 33
  10. volsnap Event ID 36

You will need an admin account to execute the suggested steps.

1] volsnap Event ID 1

VSS creates a buffer area called DIff Area which is used to temporarily write files when the data is moved. This buffer is dynamic and VSS can increase when required. However, when the shadow copy of volume could not create a different area file on volume, you get volsnap Event ID 1 in the logs.

The only solution is to move the Diff Area to a different volume. You can configure the Diff Area so that it is stored on a different volume and ensure it is in NTFS format. Ensure to choose to specify No Limit or at least 15% of the drive’s size or another drive.

Note: When the location of the Diff area is changed, all previous shadow copies are deleted

To configure the shadow copies or the Diff area, you need to go to My Computer > Manage > Right-click on any volume and select Configure Shadow Copies. You can set the diff area to a different volume by selecting a volume from the drop-down list under the Storage area, and then save the changes.  Check out the official document for complete details.

2] volsnap Event ID 8

It is related to Volume Snapshot Driver Integrity. If the process times out during the process, and the next one begins, it will result in this error. To resolve this, you need to schedule shadow copies for a different time. So if VSS reattempts, it has enough time to complete it.

3] volsnap Event ID 9

It occurs when the VSS driver doesn’t have enough resources to perform operations. It can be because of low memory or CPU or high disk I/O load.

To resolve this, find out what is taking all the resources, and remove them. You can also choose to run VSS at off-timings and ensure that Diff Area is allocated to a …….