Flatline Pest Control Now Offering Holiday Bed Bug Pest Control Oklahoma Services – Digital Journal

Flatline Pest Control Now Offering Holiday Bed Bug Pest Control Oklahoma Services – Digital Journal

Edmond, OK – Flatline Pest Control has announced its holiday bed bug control service aimed at keeping homes and businesses in and around Edmond, OK, safe from an infestation. The pest control professionals noted that bed bugs are often a common problem during the holidays as they may be brought back from travels and may cause a menace at home due to their rapid reproductive rate.

John Allen, the spokesperson for the pest control company, added: “Bed Bugs are constantly on the news these days. We hear of them in hotels, theaters, planes, and buses. They have been found in hospitals to dorm rooms, from schools to churches. There is really no end to the places where bed bugs have been found. The greatest danger bed bugs pose are sleepless nights and the risk of secondary infection from the raised welts the bed bugs leave behind. We protect Edmond, OK residents by making sure that they have access to the comprehensive bed bug control and extermination solution.”

The company’s Bed Bug Pest Control Oklahoma service is detailed. The company’s spokesperson admits that controlling and exterminating bed bugs is no simple task, and that is why they begin with an inspection of the property to understand the extent of the spread and infestation. Once the inspection has been completed, a complete extermination plan will be designed for effective results.

Flatline Pest Control has a history of serving residential and commercial property owners in and around Edmond, OK, helping them to rid their properties of common and harmful pests that affect the quality of their lives and damage their properties. As a licensed and insured company, the team ensures that all extermination service is done according to code and that customers are duly educated on the ways to keep their properties free and protected from recurrent infestations or pest problems.

Flatline Pest Control ensures that it’s Pest Control Edmond Oklahoma comes with a guarantee that offers protection to customers. The team addresses all kinds of pest problems and also offers residential and commercial property pest prevention plans that keep customers protected from pest problems and associated dangers.

Flatline Pest Control is located at 2524 N Broadway #459, Edmond, OK 73034, US and will be taking pest control orders throughout the holiday season. Property owners who wish to enjoy their services can call 405-777-9393 or visit the company’s website.

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