Here’s how much landscapers typically cost – MSN Money

Here’s how much landscapers typically cost – MSN Money

A beautifully landscaped home can improve your day-to-day life while enhancing the curb appeal of your home. Depending upon your needs for landscaping design and whether you plan to do it yourself or hire a professional, landscaping costs can greatly vary.

In this post, we’ll share more about the benefits of quality landscaping, what some current landscaping trends are and typical landscaping costs. Finally, we’ll also share smart strategies on how to budget and pay for a landscaping project.

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What Are Some Benefits of Landscaping?

Landscaping can add beauty to a home, and it can also add to the property’s value. According to Homelight’s Q2 2020 Top Agent Insight Report, this is one of the best home improvements to increase a home’s marketability and value to buyers.

When a home has curb appeal, it will likely garner more interest among home buyers, so the investment in a well-landscaped home can be worth the expense. Plus, studies cited by Texas A&M University show remarkable and surprising potential benefits associated with being surrounded by plants, including:

  • Improved concentration and memory
  • Elevated moods
  • Reduced likelihood of stress-related depression
  • Accelerated healing
  • Improved relationships
  • Boosted levels of compassion
  •  Increased energy
  • Boosted performance
  • Better learning environment

What Are Some Current Landscaping Trends?

Outdoor home improvements and gardening, in general, have increased in interest and popularity over recent years, with more people taking refuge in personal spaces rather than public ones.

A popular movement in the landscaping world is growing your own food. Blending landscaping and food production, such as planting herbs and edible plants into your existing garden, is possible. Even when space is limited, using containers or trellising plants to grow vertically can make an outdoor space inviting. If you have children, getting them involved in growing their own veggies might even make them more interested in eating healthy foods.

After growing your own food, you might want to dazzle people with your grilling skills, so including a dream outdoor kitchen might be a welcome addition to a landscaping project. Combining hardscaping and softscaping in a yard can make for a balanced landscaping plan.

Using landscaping to enhance nature is another popular trend. For example, creating a pollinator garden or incorporating native plant species can help biodiversity thrive and provide habitat for birds, butterflies and other species. Homeowners in more arid climates can practice good environmental stewardship through xeriscaping, which involves the use of low-water plants.

How Can Landscaping be Budgeted For?

First, give yourself permission to dream, to think big. What does your ideal landscaping look like? Feel like?

Then, create a list of both needs and wants. In your “needs” column, list repairs that must be done for safety’s sake, including drainage challenges, broken fences, toxic plants that need to be removed, tree removal and so forth.

Walk around your property as you make this list and imagine what the property could look like with the stunning new …….


Do it yourself