Hilarious caught-on-camera moments shared by viewers – WNEP Scranton/Wilkes-Barre

Hilarious caught-on-camera moments shared by viewers – WNEP Scranton/Wilkes-Barre

Home security cameras have been capturing some pretty hilarious moments lately, and some viewers shared those moments with Newswatch 16’s Ryan Leckey.

PENNSYLVANIA, USA — If there’s one thing you’ll find around a lot of our properties these days, it’s home security cameras.

Sure they give us a sense of safety, but they’ve also been capturing some pretty hilarious moments lately. Some viewers shared those moments with Newswatch 16’s Ryan Leckey.

From random ponies appearing in people’s front yards to pizza deliveries gone wrong, these are just some of the hot mess moments shared with Ryan. That also included plenty of people taking an expected tumble.

“Ugh” and “ouch” are just what some might call the unpleasant sounds of the winter season.

Luckily, no one was seriously hurt here. But at least we could all laugh with you, including Leah Petrucci who flat out admitted: “that apparently she doesn’t know how to walk out of her front door.”

That’s the same for Alison Marie from Dunmore.

But sometimes when it comes to winter weather, you just got to grin and “bear” it. Speaking of those huge creatures, it seems there’s no shortage of sightings in a number of backyards here at home.

Check out this clip from Danielle Warnock of a bear eating a pizza box.

And just like many in our area, they’re also fans of pizza.

As for other creatures caught one camera, skunks! From a furry family outing in Dover, PA to duking it out with a dog, just a glance of that black and white critter is enough to have us do a double-take or at least for Mike Boyer, head right back into his home.

While some in the animal kingdom may have us heading for the hills, others manage to give us a good laugh, like this squirrel selfie in the Poconos or this bird ready for its closeup in the Hazleton area.

An usual neighborhood sighting was caught on camera by Mandy Yaple of Shickshinny. It shows a random pony trotting through her front yard. It was eventually reunited with its owner.

Just one of the fancy prancers who broke out of the barn, here was another in Bloomsburg.

Finally, Joelyn Lockett from the Clarks Summit area shared a video that could have you pumping the brakes.

It’s a throwback video that shows a pizza delivery guy making the drop only to watch his car make a smashing entrance itself through Joelyn’s garage after he forgot to put the car in park. 

It’s just one slice of the many slipups caught on camera across northeastern and central Pennsylvania.

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