How Ranveer Singh shed Simba’s bulk to arrive at a lithe, athletic physique for 83, according to his fitness trainer – GQ India

How Ranveer Singh shed Simba’s bulk to arrive at a lithe, athletic physique for 83, according to his fitness trainer – GQ India

According to Mehra, Singh’s training routine started with a thorough warm up, which included 30 minutes of stretching, glute workouts, and shoulder and core activation drills. Next up were prehab exercises, which included eccentric and isometric exercises to strengthen the ligaments and muscles around the ankles, knees and shoulders. “We also focussed on functional load bearing and high impact exercises like different variations of squats, jumps, clean and press, landmine pushes, rotational cable exercises, etc., which helped him strengthen his bowling muscles,” explains Mehra. 

In order to mimic the impressive bowling skills of Dev, the actor also had to incorporate bowling practice sessions into his daily routine. “He had to learn the run up, the gather phase, and then how to jump and deliver the ball. He would do this at least 150 times in every session to build muscle memory.”

As in any fitness transformation, recovery carried a lot of weight in Singh’s training for 83. “Swimming, massage rub downs, and sleep were my go to methods to ensure he could turn up the next day fresh and ready to perform,” he says. 

Whether you’re an athlete, sportsperson, or a regular gym-goer, it’s always a good idea to incorporate some movement oriented exercises in your fitness routine. Here, Mehra shares some workouts to get you started. 

6 strength and conditioning exercises to get you as fit as Ranveer Singh looks in 83

1. Variations of push and pull exercises

Push-ups and pull-ups are undeniably some of the best workouts for building upper body strength. Here, Mehra shows you how you can switch it up with different variations of push and pull exercises, be it advanced push ups or hinging exercises. 

2. Rotation and anti-rotation core exercises

While rotation exercises require your body to move through three planes of motion, anti-rotation exercises are all about resisting an external force that is forcing your body to rotate in a particular direction. Practising these three variations by Mehra will give you an iron core. 

3. Agility drills

No sports movie is complete without a montage of impressive agility drills. Sportspersons and fitness enthusiasts alike can benefit from such jumping, skipping, climbing, and running drills. This type of training will help improve your flexibility, control, posture, and balance, and will help make you quick and nimble.

4. Animal flow movements

Animal Flow routine is done entirely without any equipment, and is designed to improve your flexibility, mobility, endurance, and strength. If you’re a beginner, try out this routine performed by Mehra.

5. Hand eye coordination and reaction training

Reaction training is an extremely important ingredient in enhancing your athletic performance. The best part? You can play fun games to train your mind and body to be in better sync with each other. Don’t believe us? Watch these drills by Mehra and tell us you’re not dying to try them out. 

6.  Stability ball exercises 

Working out with a stability ball can help you activate your core, …….


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