How the HQ17 Gets People Away From the Crowds and Into Nature – Digital Journal

How the HQ17 Gets People Away From the Crowds and Into Nature – Digital Journal

Many families enjoy hitting the open road with their camper trailer in tow to experience the great outdoors. While this is an increasingly popular pastime, it is also becoming a crowded one. More and more families are taking to camping, and with that, less space is available at campgrounds, making it difficult to get a spot without booking early.

Unfortunately, these campsites take advantage of the holiday rush, often overbooking and squeezing people into smaller sites. Company don’t know about people, but to company, that doesn’t sound very appealing, nor is it a great way to introduce children to the joys of nature. 

So, what is the solution? A trip in a travel trailer from Black Series eliminates the need to use the amenities of a campsite making it an excellent option.

As far as travel trailers go, most of them offer a similar setup to their traditional campers. But, it takes a truly unique design to take them off the beaten track. Manufacturers like Black Series have done just this with a series of custom-crafted overland trailers. Versatile off grid trailers like the HQ17 make it easy to visit the spots they’ve always wanted to see.

How Does the HQ17 Get People Away From the Crowds and Into Nature

If people are traveling as a family, chances are they’ll need an RV that provides a little more space. Luckily there is an overland trailer that offers the additional room they need to fit the entire family comfortably. The HQ17 provides enough room for up to five adults, making it perfect for that family adventure into the wilderness.

But just how else does the HQ17 get them away from the crowds? Let’s take a closer look!

Escape The Campsite

If people enjoy camping, they’ll know that while most camper trailers offer the comforts of home, they need to be hooked up to specific amenities a campground provides. For this reason, most campers find themselves wedged in between other RVs and thrown amongst the crowds.

Escaping this setting is easy if people have an overland trailer designed with a unique plumbing system that allows people to travel anywhere without the need for an external water supply. The HQ17 offers just this with separate tanks for fresh water, grey water, black water, and even a filtration system for drinking water. And, if people love a hot shower, they have that option too. 

Now that’s the water sorted, but what about the power? Off grid trailers come with an electricity system all of their own. Some use solar panels to power the travel trailers, making it easy to go just about anywhere and not have to rely on a campsite’s power supply. Other off road camper trailers like the HQ17 offer a more advanced power system that also includes a 2000 watt Black Series Inverter and a charger, along with two solar panels.

Now that the basics are taken care of, the need for a crowded campsite becomes irrelevant. People can wave goodbye to the hordes of …….


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