How to shop for the hottest — and hardest to find — tech gifts this year – CNN

How to shop for the hottest — and hardest to find — tech gifts this year – CNN

In the blink of an eye, we’ve gone from enjoying pumpkin spice to indulging in our first gingerbread latte. While this is fantastic news for fans of nutmeg and cinnamon, it can be stressful for anyone with a long holiday shopping list.

Luckily, we’ve got your back with a list of the best tech gifts, including many of the season’s most popular, sought-after items. And we’ve even tossed in some shopping tips as well as a few worthy alternatives to any sold-out items.

So relax, pour a festive beverage and get ready to make your list, check it twice and maybe even score one of those coveted game consoles (we said maybe).

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We won’t sugarcoat it: You’d have a better chance beating Sonic the Hedgehog in a footrace than finding a PlayStation 5 sitting on a retail shelf. Featuring an impressive lineup of first-party games and a controller that truly delivers on the next-gen promise, the PS5’s popularity is justified. But with some diligence, a little luck and plenty of persistence, you could potentially check this holy grail of gaming off your list.

First, check out our guide to PS5 restocks. Then you’ll want to confirm you have accounts and credit cards on file with the retailer of your choice. The only thing more powerful than the thrill of scoring a PS5 is the crushing defeat you’ll feel when it disappears from your shopping cart while scrambling to enter your Amex card’s security code.

You can also turn to Twitter, where one ex-tech journo has dedicated his professional life to hunting down errant hard-to-find game consoles. Finally, it wouldn’t hurt to head over to Sony Direct, where you can register for a chance to snag a PS5 directly from the source.

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Like Sony’s system, the comparable Xbox Series X is nearly as hard to track down today as it was last holiday season. While the same tips offered above on securing a PS5 also apply to finding an Xbox Series X, we’d also suggest seeking out the Xbox Series S. Yes, it’s less powerful, lacks its big sibling’s disc drive and supports a lower resolution (1440p versus the X’s 4K), …….