How to Stream Movies and TV in VR on Your Oculus Quest 2 – Lifehacker

How to Stream Movies and TV in VR on Your Oculus Quest 2 – Lifehacker

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I was drawn to virtual reality by the idea I’d be able to actively immerse myself in other worlds. I loved the idea of full body fruit-slashing in Fruit Ninja, or getting fit with Supernatural’s boxing workouts. In practice though, VR’s most satisfying experience for me has been watching Vivarium on a virtual big screen while lying on my back in bed—I had no idea watching a movie could be even more slothful! Share the joy of virtual inactivity with this guide to watching streaming video on your Oculus Quest 2.

How to watch Netflix on your Oculus Quest 2

Netflix has been available in the virtual world since 2015, and in that time, it hasn’t expanded to offer much beyond basic features. But that’s cool; I just want to watch movies anyway. Setting up Netflix on your Oculus couldn’t be easier: Download the app from the Oculus store, log in to your account, and you’ll have access to everything you would be able to watch on Netflix on your TV. You can watch movies in either a virtual living room or in “void” mode. I prefer the void because you can position the screen however you like, which for me, means I can lie flat on my back with a big virtual screen on the ceiling. So gooood.

How to watch Amazon Prime on your Oculus Quest 2

Setting up Amazon Prime on your Oculus is easy: Download the app. Enter your info. Watch Prime content. Sadly, you can’t rent or purchase movies from Prime directly from the VR app, but you can watch movies you’ve already rented or purchased on other devices. The app itself offers a virtual screening room as well as the option of placing the screen anywhere you like. There’s some VR-specific, 360 degree content you can check out—things like scuba diving and riding in a hot air balloon. Amazon’s “Watch Party” was announced for VR back in June, 2020, but if it’s available, I can’t figure out how to access it from the Oculus.

How to watch YouTube on your Oculus Quest 2

YouTube’s VR hub lets you watch all the 2D content YouTube has to offer, as well as 180 degree and 360 degree videos. Setting it up also just involves downloading the app and entering your login info. A lot of YouTube channels are devoted to creating and sharing VR content, so …….


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