Ina Garten Sees Reese Witherspoon’s Daily Habits and Raises Her – Pajiba

Ina Garten Sees Reese Witherspoon’s Daily Habits and Raises Her – Pajiba

It’s a New Year, a time when we make resolutions and vow to stick to them. Reese Witherspoon, the Tracy Flick of America’s Sweethearts, has some very sound advice for her Instagram followers that she believes will improve their daily lives. She’s learned from James Clear’s self-help book, Atomic Habits, that daily habits can improve our lives. If you have daily habits that improve your life by one percent each day, your life will improve by one percent every day, so I guess after 100 days, you’re a 100 percent better person! Bad habits, meanwhile, will contribute to a bad life.

Tracy, I mean, uh, Reese then shares a few of her own daily habits: Water, sunlight, reading, and sleep! Solid!

Ina Garten, however, has different daily habits in mind because life is hard enough without the two Bs: Booze and bingeing.

I love her.
Reese may be a wealthy and beloved movie star, but Ina? She’s life goals. I’ll have what she is having: Loving friends and family, a love of Netflix, and slight liver damage. Reese may have a better complexion, but I bet Ina has a healthier soul.

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