Introducing AMP-UP RB from Autonomic Materials, Inc. – PRNewswire

Introducing AMP-UP RB from Autonomic Materials, Inc. – PRNewswire

AMP-UPTM RB, a self-healing, low VOC protective solution for rebar and structural metals embedded in concrete

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During new construction and repairs, protective coatings may be damaged, requiring inspections and touch-ups. AMP-UP RB minimizes the need for these inspections and touch-ups by offering a self-healing barrier that maintains corrosion resistance after damage.

In addition, AMP-UP RB provides unlimited open time prior to concrete encapsulation. This unique feature offers contractors unprecedented flexibility in planning their restoration projects and allows for structural steel to be coated in advance of  arrival at the site for new construction projects.

AMP-UP RB is a single component product, which eliminates errors and waste associated with mixing multiple components while saving significant time during field application. It contains extremely low VOCs rendering it safer for applicators and the environment.

“The development of AMP-UP RB is a great example of our company responding to the market in designing a product’s attributes. The best corrosion protection solutions must be effective, easy to deploy correctly, and environmentally sustainable. AMP-UP RB is that kind of product. It’s a win all the way around, and I couldn’t be prouder of the efforts of our product development team,” said Dr. Gerald Wilson, AMI’s CEO. “Every attribute of the product considered the needs of asset owners, engineers, and contractors. Even the color was chosen to make it easier for applicators to be able to tell which parts of the reinforcing steel had already been coated,” added AMI’s Product Manager, Chris Dayton.

AMP-UP RB meets the FDOT 931 specifcation and is currently available in North America, with availability internationally expected to quickly follow. More information about the product can be found on the company’s website (

About Autonomic Materials, Inc.
Based in Champaign, IL, AMI is a leading developer of high-performance coatings based on its proprietary, microencapsulation technology platform. The company is committed to developing products for users who care about protecting critical assets without sacrificing performance, harming those  who maintain or use the assets, or having an adverse effect on the environment.

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