Introducing the Ultra Portable Prinker M: Digital Temporary Tattoos with One Stroke – PRNewswire

Introducing the Ultra Portable Prinker M: Digital Temporary Tattoos with One Stroke – PRNewswire

Niftier and more compact than the flagship device Prinker S, the Prinker M is made for consumers who want to experiment with expressing themselves in unique ways but who may not be ready for the pain or commitment of a permanent tattoo. The Prinker M fits right into the palm of an adult hand and weighs just 248g – less than half as heavy as a tablet- and includes a built-in rechargeable battery to maximize ease of use and portability. The device is also designed to seamlessly connect to a mobile device’s Prinker app.

Consumers can choose tattoo designs from the vast Prinker library of more than 11,000 designs, including artworks created by talented tattoo artists. The Prinker M also allows fully customizable and resizable tattoo designs by allowing users to create or upload their own designs on the Prinker app for inking onto their skin.

The temporary tattoo printing process is quick, easy and safe: once consumers have chosen a design, the water-resistant temporary tattoo can be instantly printed by sliding the Prinker M across the skin. Prinker M uses Prinker’s proprietary cosmetic inks that are water-resistant but can easily be removed with soap and water, and are registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Voluntary Cosmetic Registration Program (VCRP) and EU Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP).

Prinker’s CEO and co-founder Jimmy Lee shares, “With Prinker M, we hope to make getting temporary tattoos easier, quicker and more accessible. At Prinker, we believe in empowering our users with a safe, versatile and customizable tool to express themselves. Prinker users and fans constantly surprise us with their innovative designs and enthusiasm for creative expression. We are also thrilled to be named as a CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree and hope to bring Prinker to many more creative souls around the world.”

The Prinker M is also the most economical way to get temporary tattoos: at a maximum retail launch price of USD 199, the device will come with a color ink cartridge that can print up to 1000 temporary tattoos.

Prinker M can be purchased starting from Jan 2022 from and Amazon.

Visit Prinker at CES from 5-8 Jan 2022 at the Venetian Expo, stall #52965. Live demos can be booked through

For further enquiries, interested parties can contact [email protected].

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About Prinker

Established in 2015, Prinker Korea Inc. is the inventor and manufacturer of the world’s first digital temporary tattoo device with a goal to inspire consumers and offer new tools for self-expression. Prinker is a nifty all-in-one solution for the easy creation and application of water resistant – but soap …….