Juju Hat World unveils ever-expanding range of African wall décor items – Digital Journal

Juju Hat World unveils ever-expanding range of African wall décor items – Digital Journal

Juju hats already went far beyond Cameroon, Africa, and are now seen on the walls of top luxury hotels, schools, homes, and more. Juju Hat World takes a bolder step to bring them to the global stage.

Juju Hat World is out to become a game-changer in the industry with its ever-expanding range of wall decor items, design objects, and motifs that originate within the African Diaspora. 

“Many people have seen them loads of times: rich, feathered pieces in brilliant jewel tones or layers of lush neutrals. Chances are, some may have spotted them hanging on the walls of houses in the magazine, on Instagram, or on Pinterest newsfeeds. These superb feathery pieces hail from the African continent and are known as juju hats,” a company representative said.

Royal dancers used juju hats during Bamileke tribal rituals. They signified affluence and were produced from wild bird feathers and natural or dyed chicken.

Juju Hat World provides a wide range of African wall décor items, such as the World Shield. In fact, more interior decorators are counting on juju hats in all or most of their designs. The company is leading the charge in offering a vast collection of wall décor that customers can buy at reasonable prices.

Among the top sellers is the Trio Juju Hat Set, which is made from a mixture of natural white feathers with speckles, dyed rush brown, and dyed peach feathers. This piece of beautiful juju hat is entirely handmade in Cameroon, Africa, using rigorous craftsmanship from the bases of natural feathers, cloths, and raffia sticks. The craft is inherited from African ancestors and brought down from generation to generation.

Juju hats are said to have the excellent qualities of birds and prosperity. More interior decorators turn to the use of Juju hats in their plans and projects, bringing its uniqueness to light and the global audience in general.

To protect the juju Hat, the company recommends placing a small amount of lavender or cedar near the back. Additionally, customers can spray it with a moth spray every two or three months. The Moth sprays are available online or at local hardware shops. 

Juju Hat World offers wholesale for clients who want to resell and make some more profits. The company encourages interior designers to work with Juju Hat World on a long-term basis for discount prices as the team understands their challenges in the process.

Those interested can take advantage of Juju Hat World’s 30% discount offer. They can avail of the promo by using coupon code “Brandpush30.” 

Customers can also get a free consultation. They can inform the Juju Hat World team about the color of their walls, furniture, and size of their space. They can contact the team directly via the Website contact page or the WhatsApp number listed below for any questions.

Those who want to learn more about Juju Hat World and the entire list of impressive products it offers may visit the website for more information.

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