Launchpad: Vehicle tracking, camera drones, e-bikes – GPS World magazine

Launchpad: Vehicle tracking, camera drones, e-bikes – GPS World magazine

A roundup of recent products in the GNSS and inertial positioning industry from the December 2021 issue of GPS World magazine.


Satellite-cell terminal

With built-in GPS receiver

Photo: OQ

OQ Technology’s dual-mode satellite-cellular IoT modem and tracker is a plug-and-play, small, low-cost and low-power solution that can collect data from more than 1,000 sensors. It has a built-in GPS receiver and supports 5G NB-IoT, GSM, LTE-M and bi-directional satellite links. The flexible, robust and programmable dual-mode terminal has pre-paid data packages suitable for remotely monitoring and controlling fixed and mobile assets in industries such as transportation, oil and gas, utilities, and maritime.

OQ Technology,

Fiber Extension

Provides mission-critical, extended length GPS over fiber

Photo: ViaLite

ViaLite’s GPS over Fiber Extension Kit for Microchip/Microsemi GPS timing servers provides mission-critical GPS timing and synchronization for systems requiring extremely accurate clock signals. Standard transmission distances for the extension kit can be up to 10 km, while solutions are available for distances as long as 50 km. The ViaLite kit was chosen for its unique performance with Microsemi’s S650 timing server. The ViaLite GPS link is designed to provide a remote GPS/GNSS signal or derived timing reference to equipment located where no signal is available, such as inside buildings or tunnels. By using optical fiber instead of traditional coaxial cable, extreme distances are possible with no radio frequency loss and zero introduction of noise.


Edge Computing Device

Acts as a high-performance master clock

Photo: SoC-e

The RELY-MIL-TIME-SERVER, which complies with MIL-STD-810G and MIL-STD-461G, embeds the latest timing, networking and security technology in a single SWaP platform. The all-in-one rugged edge computing device acts as a high-performance master clock and serves secure accurate timing distribution (PTP, NTP, GNSS). The timing feature is combined with high-bandwidth and high-availability Ethernet switching and L2/L3 cybersecurity services in a unique commercial-off-the-shelf device. At its heart is a Xilinx Ultrascale+ MPSoC device powered by SoC-e hardware IP cores for PTP and high-availability low-latency Ethernet networking.

Relyum by SoC-e,


Provides improved attitude and vibration control

Photo: Epson

The M-G370PDS0 inertial measurement unit (IMU) is equipped with a high-performance six-axis sensor. It has an angle random walk (short-term variation in output) of 0.03°/√h, which is half that of its predecessor, and can more accurately detect very slight changes in the attitude of equipment and systems, since they do not get lost in sensor noise. The small size, light weight and low power consumption will help customers make their own products smaller and lighter. It also maintains compatibility with earlier products (the M-G370/365/364/354), making performance upgrades easy.

Seiko Epson Corp.,

Timing Solution

Embedded module for third-party hardware

Image: ADVA

The OSA 5400 SyncModule enables technology suppliers to integrate precise synchronization into their hardware. Its M.2 form factor can …….