Lenovo Yoga 6 (13-Inch) Review – PCMag

Lenovo Yoga 6 (13-Inch) Review – PCMag

The 13-inch Lenovo Yoga 6 (starts at $649.99; $949.99 as tested) looks unassuming, but it represents a strong overall package. Our configuration of this convertible laptop is reasonably priced for a Ryzen 7 CPU with 16GB of memory, delivering good all-around performance, especially for less than $1,000. The build is slim and portable, the battery life is remarkable, and the port selection is solid. There’s a little flex in the chassis if you press, and you might love or hate the distinctive fabric lid. But the Yoga 6 is unequivocally a fast and portable convertible at a nice price.

Let’s Do Some Yoga: A Slim-And-Light Convertible

There’s no getting around this aspect of the design, so let’s jump right in: The lid on this laptop is fabric! It looks like denim, and feels a bit like it too, though even more textured, especially since it’s tightly bound to the lid. The color is what Lenovo dubs Abyss Blue, and Lenovo describes the material as stain-resistant. (I did not try spilling anything on it.) The color is slightly different from the color of the rest of the chassis, mainly due to the material difference, but the contrast mostly works.

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(Photo: Molly Flores)

The fabric is pleasant to the touch, and unique, though it will be divisive. With it in front of me here, I feel vaguely positive about it, yet I can’t say I’d necessarily choose it, at least not over a metal lid. If we’re talking about a lid in cheaper or more generic plastic, though, this may well be a better solution. Given the rest of this laptop is plastic, the lid may be the right choice. If nothing else, it runs the risk of looking dated before long, but points to Lenovo for trying something fresh.

As for the rest of its physical design, the Yoga 6 is highly portable for a 13-incher. The plastic build means a light chassis, and it’s very easy to carry and pack at 0.72 by 12.1 by 8.1 inches (HWD) and 2.9 pounds. That’s not the lightest 13-inch laptop you’ll find, but it’s a few hundredths of a pound difference, in most comparison cases. The bottom line is that this system is highly totable, but there is flex around the bottom of the keyboard and top of the touchpad if you press down. It’s a result of the thin build, but it shouldn’t be much of a problem through normal use, as the bottom and lid feel sturdier.

(Photo: Molly Flores)

That polished overall design extends to the keyboard and touchpad. They’re not luxurious, but given the base price of this system, they’re everything we expect from a Lenovo laptop, most of which tend to have above-average keyboards. The touchpad is slick, not a cheap textured plastic, and is responsive. The keys have more travel than you may expect for a laptop this size, too. The keyboard feels comfortable for typing, and the keycaps …….

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