‘Lexus, a pioneer in development of self-charging hybrid electric vehicle tech’ – Gulf Times

‘Lexus, a pioneer in development of self-charging hybrid electric vehicle tech’ – Gulf Times

Lexus has been a pioneer in the development of self-charging hybrid electric vehicle technology and today Lexus Hybrid Drive delivers an “unparalleled drive that must be experienced to be truly appreciated”, Abdullah Abdulghani & Bros Co (AAB), the Lexus distributor in Qatar, has stressed.
“With generations of proven technology, Lexus Hybrids offer exceptional fuel efficiency with cutting-edge design and innovation that delivers exhilarating driving. AAB Lexus has a wide number of Hybrid models in their lineup. A perfect blend of fuel efficiency,
instantaneous power and indulgent luxury — all with nothing to plug in,” AAB said in a press statement.

Lexus vehicle sales are supported by a state-of-the-art showroom. “The biggest gift we can offer our customers today is the total ownership experience of driving a Lexus. Catering to owners from all segments and having the largest hybrid range in the region, we at Lexus, Abdullah Abdulghani & Bros Co, will surpass the boundaries of limitation to simply make your experience amazing,” the statement noted.

A total of 34 vehicles can be displayed at the showroom – 22 on the ground floor and 12 on the basement floor. The showroom is inspired by the best modern applications of traditional Japanese culture combined with an experiential salon.

The AAB Lexus Hybrid lineup includes the following:
* Lexus LS 500h – the LS 500h flagship sedan is equipped with several world-firsts and Lexus’ first performance, design and safety features. The premium passenger car is set to not only win the hearts of the region’s luxury enthusiasts, but also redefine luxury driving in a more stylish manner. Combining painstaking craftsmanship with Lexus’ expertise and attention to detail, the flagship sedan embodies Lexus’ evolution as a luxury lifestyle brand committed to surprising and delighting its customers.
The LS Hybrid takes an entirely different approach compared to the previous LS Hybrid model. The new state-of-the-art Multi Stage Hybrid System combines a naturally aspirated Atkinson-cycle 3.5-litre V6 gasoline engine with two electric motor/generators and uses a
compact, lightweight lithium-ion battery. The combined system output of the internal combustion engine with the electric traction system is 354hp.
The new system is based on the electronically controlled Continuously Variable Planetary (CVP) transmission of Lexus Hybrid Synergy Drive, coupled with an all-new four-speed automatic gear set at the output stage. The two systems work together to expand the overall range of gearing and increase operation of the V6 engine across a wider speed range than previous hybrids.
The result is impressive fuel economy, low emissions, and excellent on-road performance that will satisfy even the most demanding driving enthusiast.

* Lexus ES 300h – the electrified hybrid powertrain was developed for the ES. This powertrain option combines two power sources consisting of a petrol engine and two electric motors, producing 176hp and 22.5kg-m of torque and 118hp and 20.6 kg-m of torque, respectively, delivering a combined system output of 215hp. This powertrain is also mated to a new hybrid transaxle that provides the lowest fuel consumption value of 22.4km/L, and highest driving performance of this class.
The class-leading hybrid electric model ES 300h can be driven entirely by either electrical ‎power with zero-fuel consumption and carbon emissions, or with a combination of a petrol ‎engine and two …….

Source: https://www.gulf-times.com/story/706861/Lexus-a-pioneer-in-development-of-self-charging-hy