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SACRAMENTO, CA, UNITED STATES, December 17, 2021 / — is an affiliate resource platform dedicated to individuals researching the Internet for information on SMS digital marketing for affiliate marketers and other text message marketing platforms. The SMS Phone Leads platform recently published an updated version of its original version showing new members how to attract new leads for their business with its new interactive phone funnel.

Carefully designed and tested for those who do not know anything about SMS lead generation affiliate marketing or how it works. SMS Phone Leads has been shown to effectively level the learning curve in using text message marketing platforms. The creator of this platform Tim Berger has made it possible for small businesses on a tight budget to easily access the latest in mobile marketing technology.

By subscribing to the SMS Phone Leads platform, individuals can save thousands of dollars in wasted conventional advertising costs. This SMS digital marketing platform allows members to send their message directly into a prospects smartphone. This powerful feature allows a member’s message to reach a potential customer right where they are at.

This type of advertising is more effective because the message is not sent to an email where it could be potentially lost. Text message marketing makes advertising more affordable and more profitable for the advertiser.

New Features of SMS Phone Leads

A member can automatically collect a prospect’s mobile cell number, their first name, and email address from one phone number that a member receives after signing up. After a prospect dials that unique phone number, that information can be sent directly to the member via text message, instantly! This is what is referred to as ‘Automatic Prospecting’.

Once a new member subscribes to SMS Phone Leads, the member will get a phone number that is unique to them. This allows the member to advertise whatever business they are in with just one phone number. There is no worries about using affiliate links since some advertising platforms frown upon. This solves that problem.

Once a new member subscribes to SMS Phone Leads , they will also receive a micro-book code to receive permission based leads to remain GDPR compliant. This allows subscribers not to run afoul of FCC regulations.

Lead generation affiliate marketing technology such as SMS Phone Leads gives affiliate marketers and small business owners alike a leg up on text message marketing. A member will also receive done-for-you scripts to use and voice recordings to get their text ad campaigns set up and running quickly.

If a new member decides to upgrade to the SMS Blaster, the member will be able to send out 200 text messages per day. There is no extra equipment needed and nothing to install on the member’s computer. Everything the member needs to succeed with SMS Phone Leads is 100% web-based. Everything can be done right from the member’s smartphone or home computer.

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