MCCC – JKC Gallery “Third Thursdays” Monthly Photography Artist Talk Set For January 20, 6:30-7:30 pm – MCCC News

MCCC – JKC Gallery “Third Thursdays” Monthly Photography Artist Talk Set For January 20, 6:30-7:30 pm – MCCC News

Trenton, N.J. — “Third Thursdays,” the popular monthly photography presentation and artist talks at Mercer County Community College’s (MCCC’s) James Kerney Campus (JKC) Gallery at 137 North Broad Street in Trenton, will take place January 20, 2022 from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. 

This month’s focus is on the works of New Jersey artist Ryann Casey, and photographer and visual explorer Flora Fanzutti. The show is curated by Heather Palecek and Habiyb Shu’Aib and the public is invited. Reservations are required.

Hosted by Michael Chovan-Dalton, Director of JKC Gallery, the event will take place this month on the Zoom conferencing platform. 

“JKC Gallery starts off the New Year with two remarkable guests for our Third Thursday monthly event,” said Chovan-Dalton. “Ryann Casey is a great friend and partner to the JKC Gallery. Ryann recently curated ‘Before, After – Reflections on the Armenian Genocide’ at Stockton University and ‘The Mark and the Memory’ right here at the JKC Gallery with me.”

“We will also be welcoming Flora Fanzutti who will be joining us virtually from Lyon, France,” said Chovan-Dalton. “Flora was just featured in ‘Analog Forever’ Magazine and will be part of the ‘Experimental Photo Festival’ in Barcelona this July.”

About the Artists

Ryann Casey is a New Jersey-based artist, curator and educator. Casey holds a Bachelor of Arts in photography with a minor in gender studies from Stockton University along with a Master of Fine Arts and Master of Science in photography and art history from Pratt Institute. She currently works as an Adjunct Professor of Photography, Art History and Critical Theory at Stockton University, Mercer County Community College and Rowan College. Casey’s current photographic and curatorial projects focus on themes of loss, trauma and memory. 

Casey’s “Third Thursdays” focus continues the “Loss Event” theme that Casey explains as an exploration of “the intersection of personal loss with the ongoing threat of climate change and environmental degradation, specifically through the filter of memory and mourning.” The project was based in the U.S. National Park system and began shortly after the sudden death of a close friend. Casey was inspired by her friend’s life as an avid nature enthusiast and, for a time, park ranger.”

Casey explained, “Loss Event is an effort to understand how grief can shape the way we move through the world and how loss can be felt in both deeply private spaces as well as publicly in places of grandeur.”

More can be found about Ryann Casey at

Flora Fanzutti visually explores the living matter of photography. 

Fanzutti, who is based in Lyon, France, does not see photography as a fixed time with fixed memories. Fanzutti explained, “It’s as alive as our relationship to it; it’s as changing as our memories themselves.”

Among other notable accomplishments, Fanzutti is a permanent artist at “the MGB” photographic studio in Lyon. Since 2015 she has been a photography …….