Motivation won’t get you far, mastering dopamine will. – Entrepreneur

Motivation won’t get you far, mastering dopamine will. – Entrepreneur

There are countless times that I started with the whole attitude of wanting to change my habits, and countless times that I ended up failing. The reason was not very clear to me, but one day I heard about a molecule that is capable of determining your ability to remain constant, disciplined and doing the things you have to do in order to achieve the goals you are looking for: dopamine .

Listening to Andrew Huberman’s Huberman Lab Podcast , specifically the chapter “Controlling Your Dopamine For Motivation, Focus & Satisfaction ” I began to understand the importance of dopamine in our life. From there, I began to investigate further and for that reason I decided to write this article.

In these times of massive information and instant dopamine everywhere, it is essential to learn about something that directly influences all human beings.

There is a molecule capable of determining your ability to remain constant, disciplined: dopamine / Image:

Dopamine is in EVERYTHING

This substance is not only responsible for pleasure, it is also responsible for motivation, drive and desire. It also controls your perception of time (that’s why when you’re happy time flies by super fast) and can determine how physically active you are.

Knowing how it works can allow you to control it or you can create effective systems that –based on dopamine levels– you can keep doing the same activities day after day without depending on motivation or simply feeling like it.

What effect does dopamine have on the brain?

Dopamine is a neuromodulator, which means that it directly influences the communication of many neurons at the same time. Being so influential, dopamine is able to determine your energy levels, your mindset, your willingness to get things done and to pursue goals.

If you’ve ever wondered why there are people with unlimited energy and others who seem tired all the time, the answer is very simple: by the amount of dopamine circulating in their body.

Use dopamine to your advantage

Before continuing, a little test.

Have you experienced any of these five situations?

  • Wait until Monday to start everything.
  • Abandon a process within a few days or weeks of starting.
  • Sabotage my progress for the day by failing at just one thing.
  • Feeling guilty for having failed one day and consequently failing all week.
  • Telling that I’m doing something when it’s really just an idea.

If at least three of these five things have happened to you, I suggest learning how to use dopamine to your advantage.

Remember this:

That is why it is so difficult to give up sweet bread, cigarettes, alcohol, fast food, checking cell phone notifications every five minutes, or any activity that releases high amounts of dopamine in the least amount of time possible.

It is normal to fail, in fact, it is the most common. But if you really want …….