MSP Marketing Series: Content Marketing 101 – ChannelE2E

MSP Marketing Series: Content Marketing 101 – ChannelE2E

Managed and other IT services providers who want to differentiate themselves from an increasingly crowded field need to find new ways to engage and entice prospective buyers. We’ve put together a special Marketing Series to help you navigate MSP marketing from soup to nuts. Today’s focus will be on content marketing across the buyer journey, from prospect to post-sale.

What is content marketing for MSPs?

Content marketing is really just your Sales and Marketing materials; everything from your website to one-pagers and Sales decks. And when you’re thinking about content marketing for your MSP, it’s important to focus on guiding your prospects through each stage of the buyer journey—from awareness to evaluation to decision—with materials that will persuade them to take that next step and contact you for a conversation or a quote. So, let’s a little bit about the buyer journey and then dig into different types of content that work well for each.

The first stage of the buyer journey is Awareness, and this is what a lot of people refer to as the ‘top of the funnel.’ At this stage, it’s all about getting prospective customers to notice you. Buyers at the Awareness stage are searching for answers, and they’ll give their attention, and their dollars, to the MSP that’s able to solve their problem easily and effectively. This stage is typically too early for a hard sell; instead, you want to focus on delivering educational content that keeps people engaged and leads them into the next stage of the buyer journey.

When it comes to content for this stage, think web and social media…

  1. Blogs: Blogs are a content marketing staple, and they’re an easy way to share a lot of information to a wide audience. Your blog should be optimized for search engine optimization (SEO) for terms that are relevant for your MSP. Your blog should help solve your prospect’s immediate need and position your company as the solution to their problem. You can even turn your blog into a lead generating machine by adding a subscription form and enrolling subscribers in an email nurture program.
  2. Social media: What a lot of people don’t realize is how successful social media marketing can be. The majority of buyers today use social media to help make a purchase decision. Your social posts should feature content that specifically addresses your target audience and how your company meets their needs. Be sure to share relevant industry or thought leadership articles, in addition to your own content, to appear more frequently in feeds and increase your reach.
  3. Video: Video is so important in marketing today! HubSpot reported that 93% of brands landed a new customer because of a social media video in 2020. And creating videos doesn’t have to be hard; you can record them on your phone or with your webcam. Your videos should educate and engage your audience while supporting your product and brand messaging. Content like how-to videos, testimonials and industry commentary can …….


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