My best friend ruined my marriage of 20 years and then hooked up with my ex-husband – but is it my fault?… – The US Sun

My best friend ruined my marriage of 20 years and then hooked up with my ex-husband – but is it my fault?… – The US Sun

SOMETIMES karma hits when you least expect it.

That’s certainly the case for one heartbroken woman who took to the internet to vent about her marriage that dissolved over a mistake she made decades earlier.


A woman’s husband divorced her after he learned she cheated when they were dating


The woman’s best friend is the one who spilled her secret past to her then-husband

The woman, who told her story in an anonymous post on Reddit, claimed that her husband dumped her after 20 years of marriage because he found out she cheated while they were dating.

“I’ll go right ahead and say the obvious: I deserve this, I’m the villain, it’s all my fault.

“I know,” the woman wrote at the beginning of her post.

She then explained that she and her husband are high school sweethearts, but while in college, she got worried that the relationship was “stifling” her “self-expression,” so she started going out clubbing with her best friend.

“The more we partied, the more [my friend] would want to cheat. 

“Eventually she started making out with other guys at clubs. 

“And I’m ashamed to say that for a few nights, I did the same: dancing with guys and kissing them,” she admitted.

However, the poster said she “felt disgusted” with herself and told her friend she would not be able to continue the friendship “if she was going to continue her cheating ways.”

Flash forward 20 years, the poster is happily married and still head-over-heels for her high school sweetheart and they have four children together. 

Everything was perfect until the best friend from college opened her mouth one night and reminisced about their clubbing – and cheating – days to the poster’s husband while she was away with three of their kids. 

“She didn’t mention that I only did it four times, kissing four different guys in total,” the woman wrote.

“Understandably, she doesn’t remember those specifics, she just remembers that she cheated for almost an entire year and remembers I was doing generally the same.”

She added: “To make matters worse, she said this while my oldest son was upstairs, and my son heard everything.”

Once the poster came home, her husband confronted her and asked for a DNA test to be performed on all of their children.

She obliged since she claimed he is the only man she has ever slept with.

“When the results came back, I thought that we could finally start rebuilding our foundation of trust,” she explained.

“I had all the energy in the world to put into our marriage and to show my man that I was worth his time and his love.

“The day the results came back, he told me he wanted a divorce.”

Now, the poster and her former love have been separated for nearly a year, their two oldest kids refuse to see her, and she is completely distraught.